Quantum Upgrades + Galactivation Bundle:  Master Your Vibrational Frequency, Open Your Channel & Receive with Ease.

I see you, babe.


You're a multidimensional, mission-driven soul who is ready to fully embody your innate magnetism and gifts to step into your next level of abundance.


It's time to activate that with Quantum Upgrades 


In this potent Bundle, you will have access to Quantum Upgrades Transmission, AND my Galactivation Light Language training and Activation.

Quantum Upgrades Transmission 

Quantum Upgrades is a channeled transmission and Activation that will create a powerful shift in your vibrational frequency, AND reality so that you can more easily and effortlessly RECEIVE.

JUST BY EXISTING, YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL.  And when you’re fully embodied in your power, and GIFTS— who you BE, and what you DO is potently magnetic and impactful.

Which of course translates to greater abundance in ALL ways.

This is a soul to soul transmission, with the support of beings of the highest light.

It is my honor to bring this information through, in partnership with my Star homies,  to support you on your expansion journey.

You will receive 3 potent transmissions / trainings (about an hour each), Light Language Activations, and a bonus Quantum Manifestation Meditation Journey.

Galactivation Light Language Masterclass

Let's get Galactivated! If you've been feeling the pull to Open your Channel, or have already begun opening your Language of Light-- you are going to love this!

Light Language is a multidimensional form of communication that spans across all time and dimensions & speaks directly to your SOUL & your cells.

Whether you channel it, or receive it-- it still has the same powerful effect, and will support you in transcending old belief systems and paradigms, release lower vibrational energies, and activate your gifts in a more potent way.

In this 2.5 hour training + activation, you will prepare yourself to begin, or expand on opening your channel & Divine expression & allow yourself to RECEIVE with more ease through transcending old paradigms and belief systems on a cellular level.

(Galactivation can also be purchased on individually, here)


-  Reaching more people with your sacred services (they're literally drawn to your energy), and tripling your monthly/yearly income, with ease.

- Feeling more confident in yourself and your gifts and abilities than you ever have.

- Having greater levels of energy, excitement, inspiration  certainty, and FLOW & a stronger and more clear connection with Spirit.

-Effortlessly turning on the faucet of financial flow because you will know it's always available.

- Receiving high level, pay in full, soul aligned clients who vibe with the new frequency you're embodying & who you absolutely LOVE working with.

- Experiencing more enriching relationships and connections with the people (new and old) that are in your life.

- Experiencing more of what you truly desire in life-- like travel whenever you want, finding and connecting with more soul family, consistently growing your income, and having the freedom to do what you want, when you want, as much as you want-- knowing that the faucet of FLOW is always on.

These are just some of things that Quantum Upgrades & Galactivation can support you with. 

When you sign up for Quantum Upgrades Bundle, you'll receive the following...

  • Three 60-90 minute Quantum Upgrades transmissions with me.  These are recorded replays from the live rendition of Quantum Upgrades. ($497 value)
  • Light Language Activations + frequency recalibration done live specifically for the souls receiving (this is timeless, and doesn't matter if you receive live, or watch the recording). ($297 value)
  • Potent Embodiment work and vibrational frequency work, along with transformational prompts to integrate your shifts.($197 value)
  • GALACTIVATION Light Language Training + Activation to support you in opening your channel. ($144 value)
  • BONUS: Quantum Manifestation Meditation Journey to align with your highest timeline & download codes for your highest level of abundance and fulfillment ($297 value)

The best part?! You're receiving over $1300 of content, upgrades and support for only $197 when you sign up right now!

YES, seriously!



What past clients & students have to say...

Working with Stephanie has changed my life. I have been manifesting faster than ever and I know it’s because of working with her.

I’ve shifted my mindset in so many ways that I’m inviting abundance in multiple ways in my life. I have opportunity’s to work with powerful woman, more strategic alignment with my business is happening, and I’ve been gifted free coaching packages.

I feel so blessed, abundant and grateful because of Stephanie’s mastermind.  If you’re on the fence, trust that it’s a fuck yes because Stephanie will help you shift your mindset in such a way so you’re creating the exact life you’ve always deserved.

- Trinidad De Luz

From the very moment I signed up I started feeling more in my power and having the biggest shifts of my life!

From manifesting a free website for my business to 28,000 dollars!

But I think perhaps the best part was Stephanie’s energy! She fed the group and made everyone feel like a goddess. She showed us how we were already shifting and didn’t even realize it!

If you are debating about jumping in on any of Stephanie’s programs, stop waiting and just do it! She will change your whole perspective of on manifestation, business, and yourself!

She helped awaken me to the true power I had within myself all along and I am forever grateful! Best decision of my life! And yes, I was scared to pull the trigger like that, because prior to this program I was not the type to invest on myself. So the fact that I did says a lot right there! 

- Lindsey Peroan

By implementing the tools (e.g. EFT) & strategies that Stephanie shared, I manifested a new job that more closely aligns with my passions, am experiencing greater abundance and living a deeper, richer and more meaningful life -- all with such EASE!! 

I love that Stephanie is so gracious with her teachings and feel like I continue to learn from her through her podcasts, FB Lives, videos, etc.

If you're looking to work with someone who can help you experience magic in everyday life, Stephanie is your girl! 

~ Dara Noble

My mindset has completely shifted as I was able to let go of my stronghold that I had of feeling unworthy. Unworthy to lead, unworthy to have massive amounts of money, etc!

I actually had one of my biggest months in business during the program and hit a monetary with my company that I have been working toward since Feb.

What's even cooler is I just had an even bigger month in July and am attracting my dream clients and tribe to me. People are messaging me instead of me "chasing" them for business. It's like it's just easy. New customers, money, my live videos going viral. So many blessings just keep walking right into my life! 

If you're thinking of joining-- DO IT! For yourself today and your future self! It pushed me to get uncomfortable and in turn experience massive growth.

-Angela Kender

Stephanie has a way of truly capturing your vision and teaching in a way that is SO incredibly mind blowing yet easy to work with on any level.

I basically was commanded by my higher self to bite the bullet and join her program. I didn't have the money for it and I emailed her back and forth not knowing how I would pay and them boom, my mother helped me.

Stephanie's program was SO incredibly profound, it had me not only understanding but making instant quantum leaps.

I launched programs, events and became so clear on what it was that I want to be working on in this life.

If you ever have the honour of working with Stephanie, you will 1000% get what you pay for PLUS so much more!

I will be forever grateful for the tools that Stephanie gave me, to truly step into my power and to catch myself when I fall.

-Molly McKenna

I have had many mentors in my life, and every single one of them changed my life in big ways, because I did the work.

When I signed on with Stephanie Bellinger, I knew this was my next step folding before me...I had some deep work to do in healing my heart, I was in a good place, I just wanted to be in a better place as I am always thinking greater than my GRIEF.

Stephanie changed my life.  She helped me define my Why to the next level, she opened my heart and soul to quantum levels of shift consciousness. 

She showed up with love and interest in me, made me feel important enough to show up for me, and made me aware of belief changes.  It’s not that I didn’t know these things, it’s that repetition is key. Honestly, She transformed me, of course I know it was me, through her knowledge and skill set in the quantum field.

Stephanie is phenomenal and I totally recommend her, she has many programs, so you can start small or big, it’s your choice...Life is calling you...Answer, invest in you, it’s time.

-- Sylvia Delossantos Huerta