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Hey gorgeous!

My name is Stephanie Bellinger and I am a Spiritual Mentor & Transformational Coach for Visionaries, Healers, and Coaches who are on a mission to live their best lives & raise the vibration of the planet!

You're in the right place if you want to Quantum Leap in all areas of your life, and it's no coincidence you landed on this page.

Whether you want get your message out there in a bigger way, manifest next level money flow, or re-write your beliefs & re-code your reality... I got you!

I'm here to help you unlock your Quantum Manifestation powers, and shift into your dream reality...

So you can BE, do, and have it all-- simply by existing.

My spiritual journey began 15 years ago during one of the darkest times in my life. (Read my full story here)

I have since been manifesting my dream reality, while impacting tens of thousands of women across the globe, and am just getting warm!  


I created Spiritual Boss Babe-- the booming online community and podcast, to help women on a mission to turn their dreams into reality & be ON purpose.  It is my mission to help you step into your next level of Purpose, Impact & Abundance, and create a life that sets your SOUL on fire.

 You are worthy of being, having, and doing EVERYTHING your heart desires, and deserve to be fully supported, mentally, spiritually, AND financially from BE-ing yourself & shining your light.


Browse my offerings to help you UPLEVEL your life, business, and income-- and fully step into your Spiritual gifts.


"I decided to start my own coaching business at the end of last year. When I saw the Abundance Activation course I knew it would be perfect for me to prepare mentally and emotionally for my new endeavor! Not only did I benefit GREATLY from the EFT & daily meditation (my mind is truly clear and open to hearing my intuition)…within the first 4 weeks I received over $40,000 of expected and unexpected income and started working out at the gym again after a year & lost 10 lbs!!! I am STILL using the EFT daily, I am STILL referencing the workbook I created answering the questions for each modules, and I am STILL feeling the effects of the abundance mindset that Stephanie helped create with her AWE INSPIRING program. Through all this, Stephanie has fostered a personal relationship with me and has been genuinely interested in my journey. I have also found more members of my tribe through our class’s Facebook group. The value of this program is SO MUCH GREATER than its cost. I know you receive these or greater benefits in your own life and practice. "

Marissa Celeste
Holistic Life Coach

"If you're not working with Stephanie Bellinger you seriously should be! Stephanie is an Amazing Coach! Through working with her I have completely changed from the inside out! She has the ability to hold space for you and gives you exactly what you need to create lasting Success! I've taken 2 of her Programs recently started Set your Soul on Fire! Which is fucking AMAZING!!! I'm in her VIP Group, I've gone on her retreat and I'll likely go on another retreat she hosts, and I've done 1:1 Coaching. What I've learned from participating in all these things is that Stephanie pours her heart into everything she does no matter what it is! You can just feel how much she truly loves what she does and loves all of her clients! SERIOUSLY guys if you're not part of the other AMAZING things that Stephanie offers you're missing out!"

Pixie Grace
Soul Purpose Coach

"I have been following Stephanie for over two years. The more as I grew spiritually the more I felt aligned with her messages. Learning about quantum manifestation has changed my entire life. From the lessons to the assignments, to the vibes, everything was so magical! For me, I truly feel aligned with my highest self, and since her program, I have been able to manifest so powerfully and each day I grow more and more to understand quantum manifestation. I also love going back and watching the videos and doing the assignments over, as I grow, my thoughts change and I feel more aligned each day. If you are thinking about joining any of Stephanie’s amazing teachings, do it. You will not be disappointed. It truly adds so much value to your life! "

Courtney Starkey

"Ok so what has Abundance Activation Academy done for me ?? Well for starters its given me a sense of calm around money , yes even my f*cking debt! Whilst doing the course I manifested over $2000 outta the blue and I also got introduced to EFT and oh my god I'm in love !!! 😍 I now do tapping every single day and it is honestly cleared and is still clearing my shit ....and I had a hell of a lot of stuff bouncing around inside keeping me back. This, along with Stephanie's hypnosis which is also amaze balls, I now feel like anything is possible and I'm ready to take on the f*cking world, make a huge impact and help 1000's of women change their lives ! I love EFT soo much I'm now a Practioner! I highly recommend this course theshifts I have made are beyond awesome! Soooooo much love for this chick!💜"

Lee-Anne Kendall
Confidence Coach

"Within a day, I started listening to Stephanie’s podcast, followed her on Instagram, and found her SBB group on Facebook. I was instantly drawn to her message; it clicked with my soul. The shifts that occurred within me were incredible. All I kept wanting to say afterwards was “The magic is real, ya’ll.” Lol. I got broken open and cried during an EFT session, the rituals helped me to commit to practices that help my soul to THRIVE and remember who she is, and I am constantly reminded of how the universe is always working FOR me. Stephanie brings a lot of wisdom to the table. If you’re thinking of taking one of her classes, JUMP! She’s fun and down to earth and just completely opened my universe. Truly a soul sister and I’m hoping I get to meet her one day."

Shea Slonecker
Intuitive Healer

"It’s been 11 days since working with Stephanie and I am already making quantum leaps in LOVE, in SELF CARE, in MONEY and in my a deeper connection to myself and my spiritual practice. IN 11 DAYS PEOPLE I feel like I am even closer to creating what I have always desired and realizing how everything that surrounds me is exactly what I have been desiring. LIFE is GOOD people! Update: I don’t even know how to explain how much my life has changed since working with Stephanie. My partner has been able to quit his job, I’ve launched programs and had multiple downloads for more, I have entered powerful collaborations and have manifested someone to help me with my book I’ve had written for three years. The SPACE alone she can create for YOU to transform convinces me she is the real deal and knows what she is doing! Absolute magic!!"

Sarah Hope Churchill
Intuitive Reader/Surrender Coach

"I experienced so many internal resets while working with Stephanie! Not only did I learn about my business from a whole new level, but I learned about myself in a whole new way. Through awesome techniques that Stephanie taught, I was able to uncover a deeply-rooted belief around money that I did not even consider in the past. And to top that off, within 3 weeks I experienced one of the most financial abundant months from my business than I had ever experienced this year! If you are looking for a guide and mentor to take you to a whole new, spiritual level with yourself and your business, choose Stephanie. Her programs are real, authentic, and help you to align with your soul's true calling. She's hitting below the surface and helping you uncover the root of your beliefs so you can have a stronger foundation as you grow. 100% recommend Stephanie and her programs!! "

Taylor Diana
Astrologer/Soul Empowered Coach

"I am a Psychic Energy Worker myself and I am very extra picky as to who I deliberately learn from and Stephanie Bellinger is one of those people. I went in, no idea what the i was going to deal with and had no idea how deep this was going to go, but... I went came out, a different person. These shifts are so freaking deep, I can’t even put in words, but I feel like that is no more Limit to what I can and want achieve for healing this one particular thing. Her teachings are deep, direct, informational and kind of mind blowing. I am grateful I been part of it. I am grateful for the support, the love and the growth! Thank you Stephanie, for being a true receiver of Guidance and acting in the best possible intentions."

Anita Garza
Psychic Business Mentor

"When I first decided to invest in a coach I was terrified, but learning from Stephanie every week and having her guidance has changed me in so many ways. I am so grateful for her and her amazing coaching program that I am fortunate enough to be a part of. 💗 Every day take inspired action to better yourself, and I promise you will see MASSIVE shifts in your life!✨"

Kristi Donegan
Self Love & Mindset Coach

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