Open Your Gifts, Transform Your Reality, And Quantum Leap Your Impact & Income.










High Level Coaching & Mentorship for Mission Driven Coaches, Visionaries, Healers & Starseeds who are ready to UPLEVEL in every area of life.  

Single Session Limited Time Offer

I am offering single Quantum Activation sessions for those desiring to work through a specific area of resistance that is hindering your expansion in a particular area of life-- whether it be business, financial abundance, self worth, relationships.  This session is tailored specifically to YOU.

We will work through the subconscious beliefs and energetics around what is currently slowing you down or hindering your expansion and will install new beliefs and frequencies to support you in quantum leaping.

Single sessions are about 90 minutes, and will be a blend of coaching, subconscious reprogramming, quantum timeline journeying, channeled messages, and your own personal light language transmission/activation.

Light language is a cosmic language that is directly channeled from Source, higher self, and Spirit guides.  These frequencies are not meant to be understood by the conscious mind, and speak directly to the unconscious, on a cellular level to clear out dense energy, imprint new codes, and activate your DNA for Quantum upgrades that support your highest good.

 Single sessions are limited, so if there is availability at the link below, there are openings!  If not, check back for future time slots.


For established coaches and healers who are ready for EXPONENTIAL growth and UPLEVELS...

  • Get personalized support tailored to your individual goals, vision, and desires for the next chapter of your life & biz.
  • ​Change self defeating beliefs and behavioral patterns that are holding you back or slowing you down.
  • ​Build massive confidence and belief in yourself and the VALUE you have to offer.
  • Open and activate your Spiritual gifts in a more potent and powerful way than ever before
  • Allow more EASE, FUN, and FLOW in your life and biz-- you get to create it the way *you* want.
  • ​Achieve results much faster than you would on your own by having support, and accountability along the way.

I only offer 1:1 coaching to those who are 1111% ready, who have already been doing the work + seeing success and are serious about their continued growth and expansion. 

3 or 6 month options available.

Only apply if you are serious and ready.


2 Day Private Retreat

Spend 2 full days with me 1:1, in beautiful Austin, TX .

Quantum Breakthrough weekend is my 2 day private immersion, where we do deep, expansive, FUN, transformative work to completely shift your subconscious paradigm and belief system, unlock a new level of your spiritual gifts, and activate your next level brand, mission and vision.

WARNING: Timeline Hopping and Major Quantum Leaps will occur during our time in this portal together-- so be ready!

The Quantum Breakthrough is for the high achieving, mystical, mission driven woman who is craving more EASE, flow, and next level impact, abundance, and personal freedom.

The process and experience I’ll be taking you through during our 2 days together is going to completely transform your life, business, finances, and relationships, as we work through any areas of resistance currently keeping you in a place of stagnation.



What you can expect from your Quantum Breakthrough…

  • Release old limiting belief systems around success, money, self worth, and more-- that have been keeping you from maximizing your impact and reaching higher levels of financial abundance.
  • Fully free yourself from limitations and solidify new beliefs and personal truths (consciously & unconsciously) that empower you and set you up for MASSIVE success.
  • Let go of old identities and ways of BEing that are no longer resonant to the frequency you are choosing to embody (that of your highest timeline of course) 
  • Heal old wounds around not feeling worthy, capable, or good enough, and any dense emotional charge that you may have been unconsciously carrying.
  • Journey through parallel realities with Quantum Timeline Journeying to heal from the past AND transform the trajectory of your future (program your desires on the subconscious and energetic level)
  • Activate your multidimensional gifts in a whole new way, open your channel and expression, & enhance your connection with your Star fam. 
  • Learn how to live your life, and run your business the multidimensional way (no more stuck in the 3D “doing”/hustle/force mode)
  • Create bigger impact and financial abundance by showing up in a whole new ENERGY, upleveling your brand and message, and operating from your new FLOW (as in less doing, more BEing).
  • EMBODY the frequency, and identity that is magnetic to everything you desire to be, do, and have in life, and develop a practice that supports your continued expansion.
  • Receive 6 weeks of continued support and coaching to fully integrate and keep the momentum going.
  • The Quantum Breakthrough Experience is also offered virtually as a one FULL day intensive.  If virtual, it's a different experience & flow-- still with major breakthroughs.

Expansive Transformation + Quantum Upgrades

We dive deep into your next level vision and goals + do potent transformational work to release any limiting beliefs, fears, patterns that are not supporting you in fully actualizing and embodying your next level.

We will blend spiritual/energy work with subconscious reprogramming, and of course FUN and embodiment, to create lasting transformation on a cellular level.

I’ll be guiding you through powerful Quantum Breakthroughs with modalities like— NLP, Hypnosis, Quantum Timeline Journeying, Light Language, and more.


Next Level Identity EMBODIMENT + Uplevel Your Brand

After all of the transformational work we do on day 1, it’s time to fully embody it and uplevel your brand identity to match your new frequency.

We will dive into your messaging, soul aligned client attraction (the energetics and aligned strategy), and map out your high level offers + multidimensional marketing strategy....

And wrap up our experience together with a integration + celebration ceremony. :)