Spiritual Boss Babe Testimonials

The amazing souls who come into my world and join any of my programs, or work with me privately, experience a range of results— from doubling or tripling their monthly income, to attracting next level soul aligned clients, feeling more confident to show up BIG with their gifts— and SO much more.
My work has a major focus on energetics, embodiment, and subconscious reprogramming, along with aligned strategy in business, human design, quantum manifestation and more.  The transformation = manifestation, and Quantum Leaps are the norm around here. 

These babes are slayinggg!...

"I was able to hit my first 5 figure month - $13k in cash $49k in sales."

I made my current client $125k in 6 weeks, I also keep getting referrals from current clients and I'm already hiring a team to support me so that I can scale fast.

Stephanie has helped me bust through so many limiting beliefs and uses some seriously magical techniques that have altered my life completely.

- Trinidad De Luz


"From manifesting a free website for my business to 28,000 dollars!"

From the very moment I signed up I started feeling more in my power and having the biggest shifts of my life!


- Lindsey Peroan


"Within 3 weeks I experienced one of the most financial abundant months from my business than I had ever experienced this year!

If you are looking for a guide and mentor to take you to a whole new, spiritual level with yourself and your business, 100% recommend Stephanie and her programs!!"

  -Taylor Diana

"I went in, had no idea what I was going to deal with, and had no idea how deep this was going to go, but... I came out, a different person.

If These shifts are so freaking deep, I can’t even put them in words, but I feel like that is no more Limit to what I can and want to achieve for healing this one particular thing."
- Anita Garza

"My purpose has expanded and my business has grown exponentially since this amazing journey together."

Stephanie lead me a through the most magical spiritual retreat weekend of my life so far! Her powerful facilitation gave me the most epic breakthroughs I have ever experienced when it comes to deepening my purpose and gifts to share with the world."

- Ashley Gordon


"Within a week of starting the course, my mindset had completely shifted. There was a drive in me that I had never felt before"

Today, I am doing the things I love because I made that choice. If I was you, I wouldn't even hesitate to get on board to work with Stephanie. Her energy is so infectious and she is such a beautiful soul. If I could, I would do it all over again! Here's to hoping I get to meet Stephanie in person one day πŸ’•

- Tavni Shah Wardojo



"The first launch of my new program was $15k, and the majority of the women who enrolled, I didn’t even know the week before.

I was just so on point, magnetic, and surrendered to the process and staying in alignment.
Although we’re in the middle of a pandemic, this year for me has been the biggest year in many.  Being in Stephanie’s Mastermind sparked me to go out there any play BIG and step into my next level."

- Ali Sievewright

"People are messaging me instead of me "chasing" them.  It's like it's just easy. New customers, money, my live videos going viral.

My mindset has completely shifted as I was able to let go of my stronghold that I had of feeling unworthy. Unworthy to lead, unworthy to have massive amounts of money, etc!

I actually had one of my biggest months in business during the program!

What's even cooler is I just had an even bigger month in July and am attracting my dream clients and tribe to me. 

If you're thinking of joining-- DO IT!  For yourself today and your future self! It pushed me to get uncomfortable and in turn experience massive growth.

-Angela Kender


"Within the first 4 weeks, I received over  $40,000 of expected AND unexpected income  

I also started working out at the gym again after a year & lost 10 lbs!!!  I am STILL using the EFT daily, I am STILL referencing the workbook I created, and I am STILL feeling the effects of the abundance mindset that Stephanie helped create with her AWE INSPIRING program.

The value of this program is SO MUCH GREATER than its cost. I know you receive these or greater benefits in your own life and practice.""

"It’s been 11 days since we began Stephanie's Mastermind and I am already making quantum leaps in LOVE, in SELF CARE, in MONEY and in my a deeper connection to myself and my spiritual practice."

11 DAYS PEOPLE!  I feel like I am even closer to creating what I have always desired and realizing how everything that surrounds me is exactly what I have been desiring. LIFE is GOOD people!

- Sarah Hope Churchill


"I quit my full time job and now my side hustle is my full time job!

I was able to get myself past my fears, and teach whatI want to teach.  My current class was sold out before it started, and I have a waiting list for my next set of classes!"

- Amy Dolly

"SBBA gave me every single tool I needed to take the leap of faith, be my authentic self, and have the confidence to press on in my business venture while evolving myself."

My business, Ladies of Light, has grown phenomenally in just a few weeks. Most of all, I have now stepped into my power and I am fearless.

"Some of my most profound breakthroughs of this season of my life and business...

were born from a single weekend experience doing the deep work that she is now offering to the world.

Stephanie facilitates a powerful, safe space of deep healing.

If you see an opportunity to work with her, trust that your intuition guided you here.

- Jen Casey

"I’ve been working at building my own business for the past 2 years and this is the FIRST TIME where I’ve had CONSISTENT clients and customers.

I SHOW UP now as the person I want to BE and it has changed my life. I hit a new rank in my business that I’d never believed I could, and I’m getting daily emails about collaborations with companies. It really has shifted my life completely."

"I have manifested my new family car, new home and stress-free mindset around bills- things that I could not imagine before.

After truly realizing HOW I was holding myself back and learning how to RADICALLY shift those beliefs and actually release them from my unconscious mind... that is where my transformation began!  Thank you again Stephanie!!"

- Carolyn Hickman

"Working with Stephanie transformed my relationship with my husband.

Stephanie facilitated the most incredible healing space for us. I never thought it was possible to heal the way I did during our ceremony together. Stephanie gave me all the tools to feel safe and supported in my first experience and because of her, I have had the transformation of a lifetime. My marriage will never be the same."

"I launched programs, events and became so clear on what it was that I want to be working on in this life.

Stephanie has a way of truly capturing your vision and teaching in a way that is SO incredibly mind blowing yet easy to work with on any level."

-Molly McKenna

"The confidence that I now have in myself, and my ability, and my gifts is so sky high!  

If you can walk away with just those pieces, it’s such a huge gift.  Now everything is so easy.  I don’t stress about money.  I don’t stress about if I’m going to be getting new clients.  I don’t stress about content.  It’s so easy to write now. I’m just in a complete flow state."
- Jessica Winthrop-Oney

Meet Stephanie...

Spiritual Mentor, Mindset Expert & Quantum Business Coach-- helping you blend  the energetics, embodiment & aligned strategy-- to skyrocket your impact, income, and confidence.

Your ENERGY & embodiment of the highest expression of YOU-- is what translates to more money in the bank, clients lining up to work with you & feeling lit the f*ck up about EVERYTHING you are doing in life.

It's time to step into your STAR POWER & own who you are and what you do best!! 

Other things to know + fun facts about Stephanie...

  • Stephanie is a Master Practitioner & Trainer of NLP, Hypnosis, Quantum Timeline, EFT, Life & Success Coaching-- all tools that have transformed her life.
  • Over 15 years on the personal, spiritual, and biz growth journey (she had her first oracle deck at 14 & started her first biz venture at 19).πŸ€“
  • Started Spiritual Boss Babe at the end of 2016 & has since grown one of the biggest online communities for spiritual entrepreneurial women from all over the globe.
  • Podcaster with nearly 500K downloads!  Woot!πŸ’ƒπŸŽ‰
  • Has had several different biz ventures, including being a Makeup Artist, Bedazzled Bra & Corset designer, Personal Trainer + Own Bootcamp, and Network Marketing-- before starting SBB.
  • Grew up in NJ, lived in NYC for 8 years, and now resides in Austin, TX.
  • Super passionate about plant medicine & psychedelics for healing + expansion & has been doing "the work" for the last 7 years.  In fact-- this played a big part in inspiring the Spiritual Boss Babe brand.
  • Geeks out on multidimensional manifestation, galactic intelligence, human design & quantum reality.πŸ‘½ Ifkyk.
  • On a mission to show you that YOU GET TO HAVE IT ALL-- simply by existing & being your fully expressed self.βš‘οΈπŸ’ΈπŸ§²


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