Manifest Massive, Next-Level Abundance - in just 6 weeks!

"I brought in over $50,000... and I even lost 8lbs."
Enter the Vortex of Abundance

You see other women paving the way, living their dream lives, having the freedom, making the BIG money, traveling to the dream destinations with their dream partners…

... and you know it's possible for you, too!

An overflow of abundance is waiting for you in all areas of your life when you say "YES" to it.

"I booked thousands of dollars of work this week!"

Listen up…

If you’re not receiving the amount of money you want, or you’re not experiencing the level of success you dream of...’s because you haven’t fully become the person who does experience that, at the identity level (which is what we are going to do inside of this program).…

Lasting transformation & quantum shifts occur when your identity shifts to allow it all in.

In essence, this is the YOU behind all of the old programming - limiting beliefs, past trauma - that has caused you to unconsciously believe that you aren’t worthy or don’t deserve what you truly desire.

It’s the you who simply knows, who trusts, who believes with every cell of your being that anything is possible for you.

Your innate magnetism exists here and in this knowing, this certainty-- reality bends quickly for you.

Reality reflects who you BE.

I brought in over $50k through known and unexpected sources!


Since you are committed to creating your dream life, doing what you love, and having the freedom and abundance to do what you want when you want, then it’s obvious that your main focus should be to reprogram your beliefs and identity to align with that vision.

You have been doing the work already, of course, but…

It can feel messy.

You spiral into self doubt.

One minute you feel on top of the world, the next you feel like you’re not capable.

You start to get in your head...

Picturing the outcome you don’t want…

Then suddenly it's like reality is exactly what you've been trying to avoid...

It affects how you feel and what you do...

And the cycle of feeling in lack continues.

I’ve been there. I get it. It’s frustrating AF and can really spiral you into wondering, "what in the actual f*ck."

The good news is…

You can kick that old cycle goodbye now because when you go through Vortex of Abundance and understand how to use your subconscious superpowers - you will completely re-wire your mind & re-code your reality so that you can experience lasting transformation & see the dollars flow in like Woah. 😲

You don't have to do it alone...

I get it… being on this path can feel isolating and lonely.

Not everyone understands it.

Friends and family just don’t get you.

And it can really cause you to feel a little crazy at times.

We all know that surrounding yourself with people who empower and uplift you is crucial to our success and realization of our dreams.


Imagine what it would be like to be surrounded by a loving community of sisters who get you... who are there to support you and cheer you on as you grow.

ALL of you expanding into your most abundant selves together.

Picking each other right back up when you have moments of doubt.

And rising together like the badasses that you are!

In Vortex of Abundance, you’ll be in an exclusive tribe of committed Spiritual Boss Babes so that you can support each other on this epic journey towards your highest and most abundant identity.

The energy of abundance will be all around you.

Are you ready to...

Break free from the limiting beliefs that are keeping you from attracting everything you desire?

Receive your next-level income goal in your business - Quantum Leaping quickly?

(Read the success stories on this page!)

Ditch feeling paralyzed with doubt and fear and feel 100% confident, certain in yourself and what's possible for you?

Have powerful, go-to tools to support you in continuing to up-level, even beyond this program?

Yes? Well, you’re in the right place...

Vortex of Abundance (formerly Abundance Activation Academy, but with brand new upgrades and activations) is a 6-week hybrid program with live and pre-recorded trainings--

All focused on de-programming and RE-programming your unconscious mind (and having a ton of fun, of course), so you can step into your most abundant identity and reality NOW.

Every week, for 6 weeks, you'll have access to:

  • 6 Pre-Recorded Training Modules that walk you through exactly what to expect for the week and how and why the techniques work ($2997 Value)
  • Guided Hypnosis and techniques that dive deep into your subconscious to create lasting change and shifts ($597 Value)
  • Identity-Shifting Exercises to help you get laser-focused and step into a new, massively abundant & successful version of yourself. ($397 Value)
  • Printable Worksheets with Transformative Assignments and action steps for you to  immediately implement, feeling massive shifts in your business, life and relationships. ($397 Value) 

You'll also get access to:

EPIC bonus content: My Abundance Activation Hypnosis Series, Abundance Activation EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Series, Light Language Abundance Activations, and more secret bonuses to be announced!

Enter the Vortex of Abundance

"From the very moment I signed up I started feeling more in my power and having the biggest shifts of my life! From manifesting a free website for my business to $28,000 dollars!

But I think perhaps the best part was Stephanie’s energy! She fed the group and made everyone feel like a goddess!

If you are debating about jumping in on any of Stephanie’s programs, stop waiting and just do it! She will change your whole perspective on manifestation, business, and yourself!

This was the best decision of my life! And yes, I was scared to pull the trigger like that, because prior to this program I was not the type to invest on myself. So the fact that I did says a lot right there!"

Lindsey Peroan

"If you get the chance to be in the next round of Stephanie's Abundance program, you better take it!

I am a Psychic Energy Worker myself and I am very extra picky as to who I deliberately learn from and Stephanie Bellinger is one of those people.

I went in, had no idea what I was going to deal with, and had no idea how deep this was going to go, but... I came out, a different person.

These shifts are so freaking deep, I can’t even put them in words, but I feel like that is no more Limit to what I can and want to achieve for healing this one particular thing.

Her teachings are deep, direct, informational, and kind of mind-blowing

Thank you Stephanie, for being a true receiver of Guidance and acting with the best possible intentions."

Anita Garza

You've already tried a lot of the things that so-called "gurus" tell you to do...

"Think positive thoughts."

"Say affirmations & journal on the daily."

"Believe in what you want and it'll show up."

"Every thing is energy, so just align with the energy of your desires."

So WHY does it feel like it’s taking forever or not working? 

It's not because those things don’t work. 

And it's not because you're aren't worthy of the money, success, freedom or love that your soul has been craving, 

It's because of the unconscious program running in your mind.

In Vortex of Abundance, we are going to shine light on that, and I’m going to show you how to make the necessary paradigm, identity, and energetic shifts to unlock the abundance you’ve been waiting for.

When I speak of Abundance, I am referring to it in all ways - money, love, freedom, fulfillment, ideas, downloads, and opportunities. It’s an energy, a mindset, an identity.

You’re worthy of it all.

As a Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Hypnosis, EFT Tapping, and Quantum Timeline Journeying, I have added tools (aka modern magic) that I’ll teach you so you can create the results you want very fast…

And continue to uplevel and expand your abundance even beyond this program.

The Program Roadmap

Inner Child Healing

Week 1

Learn how to create from the future, instead of repeating the past. Clear out the old paradigms & played-out stories that have been keeping you stuck, and learn how to master the language of the sub-conscious mind so you can instantly manifest more money & feel massive shifts in your energy. 

Subconscious Programming

Week 2

Learn why JUST changing your mindset doesn't work, and what to do instead -- for REAL, lasting transformation. PLUS learn powerful techniques to program your subconscious to work on autopilot to make a BIG money shift & call in your desires -- faster & easier.

Identity Shifting

Week 3

Create & step into your most abundant identity (the you who is on the other side of your desires) in the now, and learn how to imprint this new YOU into your subconscious mind. You'll also learn how to radically shift your energy & apply this to manifesting anything you want to be, have, or experience.

Quantum Leaping

Week 4

Learn how to quickly shift your vibrational frequency to align with your desires, enhance your intuition & connect and align with your highest self and spirit team. PLUS you'll learn my unique, game-changing, 3-part practice for instantly making a massive Quantum Leap. 

Anchoring Abundance

Week 5

​​Master a transformative technique to anchor a powerful, permanent emotional state of confidence & ABUNDANCE, and diminish ongoing negative thought patterns. You'll also learn spiritual rituals to align with the frequency of infinite abundance, wealth, & success.

Quantum Manifestation Magic

Week 6

Master the art of the Quantum way to manifest, & the right way to visualize & affirm your desires, so you can see results faster. You'll also learn how to clear & protect yourself from negative energy from others, so it doesn't effect your own. PLUS a Powerful Money Manifestation ritual that's completely exclusive to VOA students!

"I quit my full time job and now my side hustle is my full time current class was sold out before it started, and I have a waiting list for my next set of classes..."


"I went into this feeling a lot of financial stress... [now] the sense of inner peace [that I have and] the positive choices that I've made out of this place of confidence and reclamation of abundance has really been a game-changer."


"Within the first 4 weeks I received over $40,000 of expected and unexpected income and started working out at the gym again after a year & lost 10 lbs!!!

I am STILL using the EFT daily, I am STILL referencing the workbook I created answering the questions for each modules, and I am STILL feeling the effects of the abundance mindset that Stephanie helped create with her AWE INSPIRING program.

Through all this, Stephanie has fostered a personal relationship with me and has been genuinely interested in my journey. I have also found more members of my tribe through our class’s Facebook group.

The value of this program is SO MUCH GREATER than its cost. I know you receive these or greater benefits in your own life and practice."

- Marissa Celeste

"For starters its given me a sense of calm around money, yes even my f*cking debt!

Whilst doing the course I manifested over $2000 outta the blue and I also got introduced to EFT and oh my god I'm in love !!! 😍

I now do tapping every single day and it is honestly cleared and is still clearing my shit ....and I had a hell of a lot of stuff bouncing around inside keeping me back.

This, along with Stephanie's hypnosis which is also amaze balls, I now feel like anything is possible and I'm ready to take on the f*cking world, make a huge impact and help 1000's of women change their lives !

I highly recommend this course the shifts I have made are beyond awesome! Soooooo much love for this chick!💜"

- Lee Anne Kendall

You’ve been saying you’re SO f*cking ready for more…


There is a big difference between being ready and being relentlessly committed.

In order to calibrate to a whole new level of abundance, you’ve got to go there first in who you be and what you do.

This means making decisions and taking action from the vantage point of your next level self.

Most people only experience small surface level shifts because well… they’re working on the surface level.

I’ve been there, done that, and I’m sure you have, too, or else you wouldn’t be reading this page and thinking about jumping into Vortex of Abundance.

The work we do together in here will completely transform your life & open you up to things you once thought were impossible... or at least impossible for you.

Don't just take my word for it-- see what past students have to say...


But wait… you’ll also be receiving these bomb-ass bonuses!...

BONUS 1: The Abundance Hypnosis Series (valued at $397)

An exclusive library of guided hypnosis recordings that powerfully shift your identity at the subconscious level...

So that you can raise your abundance vibes...

Clear away limiting money beliefs...

And manifest limitless wealth.

BONUS 2: The Abundance EFT Bonus Library (valued at $397)

A private collection of EFT tapping videos to help  you master the art of using EFT to shift out of low vibrations & bust through negative blocks.

Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT (often known as Tapping or EFT Tapping), is a universal healing tool...

That can radically shift physical, emotional, and psychological blocks lightening fast


BONUS 3:  Light Language DNA Activation (new, valued at $197)

You will receive Quantum Upgrades through an Abundance Activation transmission + Light Language to support you in shifting on the cellular level.

This will help you transcend old belief systems and paradigms, release lower vibrational energies, activate your gifts in a more potent way, as well as support you in receiving more abundance, joy, bliss, and fulfillment while you are here in the physical form.


BONUS 4:  Extra Secret bonuses & mini classes... shh it's a surprise!

I'll be adding some special secret bonuses & mini trainings to further support you in grounding into the new you & shifting your vibrational frequency.

The secret bonuses will be shared when we are together in the live program. ;-)

All I have to say is they are pure magic!!

It's time to step into the Vortex of Abundance.

This is a self paced version of VOA.  You will have instant access to all content to do at your own pace  when you sign up.


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