Master your energy, and influence the world around you.

What if living your "f*ck yes life", impacting the masses, &  making the millions isn’t about “doing” more, following the perfect strategy, or releasing all of your “blocks”…


But is really about being the fullest expression of you in the now, and owning what you do best?

Star Power will show you how to master your energy, and embody your most confident, influential, activated self...

So you can make the greatest impact & experience the highest level of fulfillment and abundance-- from BEING ALL OF YOU!

This is who you are, when nothing is holding you back…

  •  The woman who is the boss of her life, and lives it on her own terms.
  •  The powerful, heart centered leader who radiates confidence and certainty.
  •  The co-creator with Source that streams through her physical vessel, creating and expressing fully.
  •  The passionate Goddess who is deeply connected to herself, her body, her mission, her purpose.
  •  The coach or healer who is here to use her gifts in the highest, most impactful way possible— in support of humanity on a larger scale.
  •  The multidimensional, quantum Queen who attracts all that she desires, and fully trusts her intuition. 
  •  The creative genius who's life is her greatest masterpiece— here to share her art, her soul, her magic, her light with the world.

And to activate this within you, you've got to lean into your next edge, reclaim all aspects of who you are, listen to your intuition, develop a new mindset, and anchor it through embodiment.

Through Star Power, you will have all of the tools, support, and practices to embody the highest expression of YOU, and channel that into your message, your offers, and the way you show up in the world, and serve with your gifts.

Join Star Power Now! 

The next round begins in late Oct 2022. 


STAR POWER is a LIVE Group Coaching Vortex where you go from blending in-- to SUPASTAR...


This is what takes you from watering down the power of your message & sacred work...


To embodied leader --who stands the f*ck out, delivers mega results for clients, and has people, money & opportunities flocking to you because of the frequency you are emitting & the confidence that radiates from you.  

It's no coincidence that you found yourself here on this page...

That feeling you've had...that there’s an easier (more fulfilling) path to creating the life and business of your dreams, quantum leaping your income, and serving at a higher level with your gifts...literally just from being YOU...
Is your intuition trying to get your attention, telling you that there IS a better way!!...
A way that is in full alignment with YOUR unique energy & natural zone of genius…
A way where you get to have more fun, and be fully expressed in who you are, and what you really want to say and share.
A way where your channel is fully open, activating content & programs pour out of you, and you deeply believe in yourself and your work--you fully trust in your gifts and abilities.
A way where you simply get to just live your best life, OWN what YOU do best, and have that be MORE than enough for you to receive everything you desire (in all areas of life).
A way where you no longer burn out your energy reserves trying to “make things happen” or do things that aren’t a f*ck yes to your soul...
[Say goodbye to those soul sucking strategies you hate. We're throwing out all the "rules" and making our own!]
The perfect people can't help but to gravitate to you and want to work with you because of all of this!
Your ENERGY does the bulk of the “work” for you.

Inside of Star Power, we will be working through the Three Pillars of Power throughout our time together...


Unapologetically show up & be unfiltered in your expression (this is true freedom). Reality reflects who you BE.

It's time you feel lit the f*ck up and liberated in all that you ARE, and all that you do.  Your business, impact, and abundance is a reflection of the highest expression of you.

Here, you will access the depths of WHO you TRULY are, re-write old programming & reach an unmatched level of confidence and certainty.


Stop the scroll & stand out from everyone else with your powerful message, and the delivery of your potent magic and medicine to impact the masses, increase your income, and fulfill your bigger SOUL mission.

In order for you to attract more of the people you're *meant* to serve-- the soul aligned "hell yes"'ve got to be clear, direct, and bold. This is where we pull out your unique MAGIC and what makes you the “go to” person for the people you're here to serve.


EMBODY what you teach, preach, & believe in.  Nothing is more powerful & magnetic than this!

Lead from heart, serve from SOUL, and operate from ALIGNMENT vs hustle and force.  Your biz gets to be an extension of who you are & what you do best.  This is where we do deeper work to ground into your next evolution of self + take full ownership of your gifts and natural genius. Embodied leaders go there first, and do things THEIR way-- their energy & who they are, commands results with less effort.

When you enroll into STAR POWER, you'll receive the following...


  • 6 Live Transmissions / Group Coaching calls on Tuesdays at 5pm Central Time.

  •  Hot Seat coaching on our calls + personalized support.  Get your questions answered & clear actions to take that are tailored to YOU.

  • A full on library of BONUS courses  / video trainings (see below).

  • Light Language Activations + frequency recalibration transmissions

  • Potent Embodiment + frequency work & aligned strategy, along with transformational practices to integrate your shifts.

  • An intimate community with other mission driven leaders on the journey with you.

  • Implementation  time throughout, so you can re-calibrate & implement what we work through in here.

  • Lifetime Access to all call replays & bonus content.

  • [NEW] One YEAR of ongoing support in a private community with 1-2 calls/trainings per month (seriously)!!

  •  The Value is PRICELESS for all of this.


I can not wait to open this portal with you!


You ready?!  Let's do this!


The journey together through Star Power is going to unlock and activate more than you can imagine, and I am so honored and excited to walk this path & rise with you!



  • BONUS: Video Star Program  This is a power packed training with over 6 hours of content to help you stand out with your message & Magnetize soul aligned clients through your VIDEO presence.  Uplevel your confidence, clarity & potency on camera and move the masses.   ($497 Value)


  • BONUS: SOULcial Star Masterclass This is a 3 part training where you will learn how to utilize social media to stand out, sell out, and take your impact and income to the next level. ($333 Value)

You're receiving over $8,000 worth of support and content for just a fraction of that!💋 And of course, the bomb ass transformation you're about to go through is priceless!


The next round of Star Power begins in late Oct 2022. 

Lock in your spot now!


Throughout your journey inside of Star Power, you will…

  • Develop practices that support you in opening your gifts, freeing your voice, connecting to your body & anchoring into your true self.

  •  Release old programming around impostor syndrome, self doubt, & “not enough-ness”— so you can more boldly show up & own what you’re here to share.

  • Learn how to embody your human design & use your natural energetic blueprint to support more alignment, fun and flow in both your life, AND your business (it gets to be the embodiment of who you are).

  • Attract dreamy soulmate clients ready to sign up for your programs and services.
  • Learn how to channel potent content, programs, and offers from your SOUL that speak directly to the hearts of the people who are *meant* to work with you

  • Activate & Embody your natural zone of genius and “it factor”, so you can set yourself apart from everyone else.

  • Stand out as a leader in your industry in your own unique way, vs being a carbon copy of other coaches.  Owning what sets you apart, is what draws everything to you.
  • Learn practices (energetic, mindset, and aligned strategy) to hold the vibe of receiving the perfect clients, opportunities, and aligned abundance-- in a fun, juicy, magnetic way.
  • Deepen your connection to self, and Source, allowing for more integrated embodiment of your sacred work and soul mission.


You’ve already been doing the inner work, putting yourself out there, serving with your gifts, following all the “strategies” to create the life and business you dream of, and quite frankly…


You've reached a point of burn out, and it's just...not that exciting anymore, because YOU have outgrown everything.

You've evolved...and another LAYER of you is waiting to be liberated and fully embodied. 


You say to yourself…

  • “I need work through all of my “blocks” before I can reach the level of success, impact and abundance I truly desire”.
  • “I need to have a perfectly laid out step by step plan, or else it won't work."
  • "I don't see many people doing it how I desire to do it, so I don't know if it will work." 

You feel…

  • Frustrated, angry, bitter, disappointed when you don't see more amazing clients & money rolling in, the way you want... after ALL the energy, effort, heart and soul you put into what you love.
  • It has you seriously wondering "What in the actual f*ck gives!?  What more do I have to do?!  Am I even supposed to be doing this?!"

You think...

  • There must be some secret formula for success that other people know about, that you don’t…and you go searching for all the answers outside of yourself (even tho deep down, you know that YOU have your own special secret sauce).
  • In doing so… you start to sound like everyone else, compare your success to theirs, feel like an impostor, water down the potency of who you are and what you have to say, and are overthinking every damn thing!


All that does, is completely disconnect you from the SOURCE within you, and from the actual HEARTBEAT of your souls work!!

The truth is...

The reason why you're not experiencing the true fulfillment and freedom you've been craving, or aren't yet serving + receiving at the highest level..

Isn't because there's something other people have that you do not...

Or that you need to "do more", or have the perfect plan in place, in order to get the results you want...

It's because you've been too in your head!

It's because you haven't fully leaned into your next EDGE...

It's because you haven't taken ownership of the full spectrum of who you are and what you're here to share...  

You know what I'm talking about!

It's "scary" because you fear what others will think...

It's "risky" because what if you fail...

It's uncomfortable AF because it challenges old belief systems & identities...

And requires you to let go of anything that is not in full alignment with the truth of who YOU are

It takes work and commitment to BE who you came here to truly BE-- the woman who's fully grounded in her power & owning it...

Especially when fear is present!

It's not about being's about being EMPOWERED.

You've got to be in it for the long haul, and you don't have to do it alone!



"I started a Mastermind and have over 20 women who joined!!  I have more certainty about my gifts and what I have to bring to the world."

I have a Network Marketing business and have grown an established personal brand...but before Star Power, I was tip toeing around things.

Stephanie helped me so much with stepping into the fun of it, listening to my intuition, and following my flow.

I started a Mastermind and have over 20 women who joined!! I’ve been called to also open up courses, and 1:1.  I have more certainty about my gifts and what I have to bring to the world.

If you can make it happen right now to join, why not go for it and invest in something that will help you go to the next level. Now I am at my next level, and I know this is just starting for me and so much more is to come.

- Veronica Allis


"I was guided to create a course and it sold out, plus 1, in just 2 weeks!!  I’ve honed into my mediumship and spiritual gifts like never before."

Before working with Stephanie, I really struggled to feel aligned with other marketing strategies that other coaches were telling me.

I also had a burning desire to move to Florida, and I had all these big dreams but no idea how it was all going to happen.

During our time together, I was guided to create a course and it sold out, plus 1, in just 2 weeks!!  It was easy, it was fun, and it was effortless.

I’ve honed into my mediumship and spiritual gifts like never before, and totally got rid of all of the noise and pressure I felt before.

Since working with Stephanie, I’ve quit my 8-5 job, have been guided to do a level 2 for my course, my mindset has been uplifted, AND I am now living in Florida!! It seriously all happened and was a massive quantum leap!

-Kendra Gerein

Inside of Star Power,  you will be so supported, heard, seen and held to your highest-- so you can quantum leap like never before.


You'll be part of an intimate group of high achieving women on the RISE, as we spend 6 weeks together on this journey (with ongoing community and support for the year).

You will have a safe space to come as you are, grow together, and expand with eachother.

WARNING:  You will not be the same person coming out of this (in the best possible ways)!

Imagine what it would feel like...  

☆ To show up as your fully expressed self (uninhibited) & in turn, impacting more people than ever...

☆ Having your DM's blow up with messages from people saying “OMG! Where do I sign up?!”... 

☆ Being in super flow simply by living your best life & getting paid to just be YOU and do what you naturally do best (what your soul literally came here to do).

Imagine what will change for you when...

☆ You double or triple your income for the month, with less effort. 

 ☆ You ditch old paradigm way of doing biz & do it the way you've ALWAYS wanted (aka way more fun, heart centered, and SO YOU)...

You have people randomly find you online, binge your content, and sign up to work with you in the same week or DAY!

☆ The freedom and fulfillment you feel on the inside is "pinch me I’m dreaming" amazing!?

Imagine how empowered you'll feel when...

☆ Launching and "selling" is easier than ever, because it feels natural, authentic, and aligned with who you are...

☆ You're channeling content on the fly that just flows right out of you & have videos and content going viral...

 You finally stop doing things bc you think you "should",  or hiding  the full spectrum of who you are...

I've seen all of the above happen for clients, and myself.  It often defies logic. 

Your STAR POWER, is what bends time and creates a magnetic pull between you + your desires.

The journey through Star Power goes far beyond creating more success, freedom, impact and income in your business...  

THIS IS ABOUT TURNING UP THE VOLUME ON YOU & feeling liberated and fully embodied in all that you ARE & all that you do.

What follows that, in all areas of your life, is the real magic!  Watch out world! ;)

As your mentor, I will be guiding you through the journey of becoming the most magnetic version of YOU. 

The portal begins in late Oct. Limited spaces are available to keep the intimacy of this container.

If you know this is for you right now & you feel in your soul that being in here will expand you in massive ways...


"From manifesting a free website for my business to 28,000 dollars!"

From the very moment I signed up I started feeling more in my power and having the biggest shifts of my life!

From manifesting a free website for my business to 28,000 dollars!

But I think perhaps the best part was Stephanie’s energy! She fed the group and made everyone feel like a goddess. She showed us how we were already shifting and didn’t even realize it!

If you are debating about jumping in on any of Stephanie’s programs, stop waiting and just do it! She will change your whole perspective of on manifestation, business, and yourself!

She helped awaken me to the true power I had within myself all along and I am forever grateful! Best decision of my life! And yes, I was scared to pull the trigger like that, because prior to this program I was not the type to invest on myself. So the fact that I did says a lot right there! 

- Lindsey Peroan


"People are messaging me instead of me "chasing" them.  It's like it's just easy. New customers, money, my live videos going viral."

My mindset has completely shifted as I was able to let go of my stronghold that I had of feeling unworthy. Unworthy to lead, unworthy to have massive amounts of money, etc!

I actually had one of my biggest months in business during the program!

What's even cooler is I just had an even bigger month in July and am attracting my dream clients and tribe to me. People are messaging me instead of me "chasing" them for business. It's like it's just easy. New customers, money, my live videos going viral. So many blessings just keep walking right into my life!

If you're thinking of joining-- DO IT! For yourself today and your future self! It pushed me to get uncomfortable and in turn experience massive growth.

-Angela Kender

"I was able to hit my first 5 figure month - $13k in cash $49k in sales."

I made my current client $125k in 6 weeks, I also keep getting referrals from current clients and I'm already hiring a team to support me so that I can scale fast.

Stephanie has helped me bust through so many limiting beliefs and uses some seriously magical techniques that have altered my life completely.

I used to worry about money and all the financial obligations I have (aka credit card debt) that it would stop me in my tracks. By working with her in multiple ways - I attracted some incredible business relationships that gave me the experience to what I now offer.

If anyone is has been on the fence OR if you're looking for a coach and mentor who will help you upgrade your business - I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

- Trinidad De Luz

Founder of Heart Arise

"I've been letting myself be seen, and finally started working with clients. My overall message has become so clear."

I decided to join Star Power because I vibe with Stephanie's energy and I felt strongly that she could help me channel the energy in me to truly be authentic.

Since joining, I've been posting regularly, letting myself be seen, and finally started working with clients.

I've had so many creative ideas and downloads, and have been able to turn that into content that feels really impactful.

My favorite take home was -- I get to be paid to just be ME!

The activations and journal prompts really helped me manifest, channel what I truly want, and rewire my beliefs.

Star Power will help you move forward in your business and every aspect of your life.

I always felt really empowered through the process.

~ Liz Venus 

It’s time to step into your Star Power now. Let’s do it, babe.


When you enroll into STAR POWER, you'll receive the following...


  • 6 Live Transmissions / Group Coaching calls on Tuesdays at 5pm Central Time.

  •  Hot Seat coaching on our calls + personalized support.  Get your questions answered & clear actions to take that are tailored to YOU.

  • Potent Embodiment + frequency work & aligned strategy, along with transformational practices to integrate your shifts.

  • An intimate community with other mission driven leaders on the journey with you.

  • Lifetime Access to all call replays & bonus content

  • BONUS:  Video Star Program to step up your presence and potency on cam.

  • BONUS: SOULcial Star Program to rock your social media, grow your audience & more.

  • BONUS:  Light Language Activations to shift your vibrational frequency & upgrade your DNA.

  • [NEW] One YEAR of ongoing support in a private community with 1-2 calls/trainings per month (seriously)!!

Join Star Power Now! 

The next round begins in late Oct 2022. 


Pay in full Queen

Let's go baby!



3 Monthly Payments

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6 Monthly Payments

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"The first launch of my new program was $15k, and the majority of the women who enrolled, I didn’t even know the week before."

Before working with Stephanie, I felt like I was playing small, and what I was doing wasn’t fully lighting me up.  I wanted to serve more people and shift from 1:1 coaching to doing more group work.
The first launch of my new program was $15k, and the majority of the women who enrolled, I didn’t even know the week before.  I was just so on point, magnetic, and surrendered to the process and staying in alignment.
Although we’re in the middle of a pandemic, this year for me has been the biggest year in many.  Being in Stephanie’s Mastermind sparked me to go out there any play BIG and step into my next level.
I’m not only seeing the benefit from a financial standpoint, I also feel excited, lit up, I feel fulfilled, and that’s everything.
I wake up everyday now wanting to serve, and it feels so good!

- Ali Sievewright


"started my podcast and got really positive feedback from audience. Star Power really helped me step outside of my comfort zone and put myself out there."  

I felt like I was holding myself back in a lot ways and wanted to find a way to step out and be more visible in my business.

I was really drawn to Star Power because it’s all about finding tour own power and flow. This program really helped me to lean into my intuition more and into my own genius.

I'm starting to be more courageous in my actions now, like staring my podcast, writing my book, and am ready to take bolder actions going forward.

A really important lesson also was that it can be enjoyable, it doesn’t have to be can be fun and it’ll work out!"

- Chi Chi Yip



"Within the first 4 weeks, I received over  $40,000 of expected AND unexpected income  

I also started working out at the gym again after a year & lost 10 lbs!!!  I am STILL using the EFT daily, I am STILL referencing the workbook I created, and I am STILL feeling the effects of the abundance mindset that Stephanie helped create with her AWE INSPIRING program.

The value of this program is SO MUCH GREATER than its cost. I know you receive these or greater benefits in your own life and practice.""

- Marissa Celeste

"I’ve been working at building my own business for the past 2 years and this is the FIRST TIME where I’ve had CONSISTENT clients and customers.

I SHOW UP now as the person I want to BE and it has changed my life. I hit a new rank in my business that I’d never believed I could, and I’m getting daily emails about collaborations with companies. It really has shifted my life completely."

- Tommara Letitia

"This changed by business like you would not believe.The money beliefs I used to have are gone and I know I can make as much money as I want."

I’ve done a lot of programs where they just scratch the surface with things, and Stephanie does not hold back.

The most important thing I got out of the program was that when you release the attachment to the outcome, everything changes...
You stop forcing everything to happen and just live in alignment… you post in alignment, and you do your business in alignment.

It was so worth it. If you’re thinking about joining, I would definitely say do it because Stephanie is just do itEverything Stephanie does in there, she gives her all.

-Danielle Ingenito

"I launched programs, events and became so clear on what it was that I want to be working on in this life."

Stephanie has a way of truly capturing your vision and teaching in a way that is SO incredibly mind blowing yet easy to work with on any level.

I basically was commanded by my higher self to bite the bullet and join her program. I didn't have the money for it and I emailed her back and forth not knowing how I would pay and them boom, my mother helped me.

Stephanie's program was SO incredibly profound, it had me not only understanding but making instant quantum leaps.

I launched programs, events and became so clear on what it was that I want to be working on in this life.

If you ever have the honour of working with Stephanie, you will 1000% get what you pay for PLUS so much more!

I will be forever grateful for the tools that Stephanie gave me, to truly step into my power and to catch myself when I fall.

-Molly McKenna

Join Star Power Now! 

The next round begins in late Oct 2022. 


Pay in full Queen

Let's go baby!



3 Monthly Payments

Most Popular



6 Monthly Payments

Extended Plan