RECODE your frequency & EMBODY your next Quantum Leap.


Join me LIVE on Tuesday  8/17 through Thurs 8/19 at 6pm CST for this free 3 Day Masterclass


Join me LIVE for this potent 3 day Masterclass on 8/17-8/19 at 6pm CST

This is not just a Masterclass, it's an ACTIVATION.

Major upgrades are here for all of us & it's time to RECODE your frequency, reality & identity to welcome in your next level.

There’s something I need to share with the world, that will benefit you, when it comes to EMBODYING and actualizing your Uplevel-- right NOW.

What I’m speaking of is literal codes to reality.

”What are you talking about Steph!? What do you mean?”

This didn’t just come to me out of the blue.

First, I lived it. I’ve been on my spiritual journey for well over 15 years, peeling away all of the layers of untruths, to remember who the f*ck I am...

Allowing me to reconnect to my multidimensional self & actualize my dreams-- the freedom, the abundance, booming business, the travel, the soul family... everything I've always wanted, and I continue to expand.

I’ve connected ALOT of dots from my experiences that have led me to this particular point in the “field” or timeline so to speak— where I am holding this sacred message that must be shared.

It's actually really fun to think about, because we literally get to BE, do, and have it ALL-- just by existing-- and we create it all NOW!


I’m going to be sharing ALL about this + how you can Activate your next level of Impact, Abundance & personal power.

It’s time for you to transcend the old paradigms, and ACTIVATE the codes to your literal fucking MAGIC-- so you can expand your capacity to RECEIVE with ease, and it begins with receiving more of YOU.

So let’s go baby!

Our time is now.

It's time to REMEMBER.👽

Join me for RECODE & master your frequency & reality.

This training will be LIVE on 8/17 through 8/19 and will be free for the duration of the live training.

After that, it will live on my site for purchase with lifetime access.

Sign up now to join in & be entered to win one of my famous Magical Manifestation Power Pendants. <3


Join me LIVE for this potent 3 day Masterclass on 8/17-8/19 at 6pm CST