Quantum Leap Masterclass

Free 3 Day Training on October 21-23. 

Unlock Your Next Level of Abundance NOW. 

Your highest timeline is waiting for you.


This is one of my ALL TIME favorite free trainings I have created, and I am bringing it back LIVE (and upgraded AF) to share with you on 10/21!

You've been saying you're ready for MORE, and your time is now.

In this training, you will learn the foundation of Quantum Manifestation & how to use your Subconscious Super powers to fast track your manifestations.

Ditch the doubt.

Stop the comparisonitis.

Stand in your power and confidence.


I'm going to teach you simple steps that will get you BIG results when it comes to transforming your belief system, EMBODYING the version of you who already has it all & operating from full alignment...

So that it becomes easier and easier to BE, do and have what you desire.

It simply becomes second nature, and not even something you need to think about...

Because OF COURSE!

Consider the Quantum Leap training as your opportunity to embody the "or course" energy.

Of course you get to receive high level pay in full clients on repeat.

Of course you get to double, triple, quadruple your monthly/yearly income.

Of course you get to do less and RECEIVE more!

Of course you get to be ravished, cherished, and deeply loved in a divine partnership.

Of course, of course, of course.

There is no need to operate from a place of lack or fear.

All that is needed is YOU living your best f*cking life and owning your magic right the f*ck now.

Reality...people...clients...money...ALL respond to your energy and vibration + your level of certainty and conviction.

THAT is the energy we want to be IN.

3 Days to jump start your next Quantum Leap 

 ☑️ Learn the secret to unlocking your manifestation powers faster and easier. No fluff. 

 ☑️  Tap into the magic and power of your unconscious mind to magnetize your desires on auto pilot.

☑️  Ditch old stories & limiting beliefs that have been keeping you in lack mentality without even fully realizing it.

 ☑️ Learn how to manifest through parallel realities & align with your highest timeline / collapse time & see your desires show up faster.

☑️  Find out why most people stay stuck in the cycle of fear + what you can do differently.

 ☑️ OWN your f*cking desires, own your space, your gifts, your magic. (aka make the energy shifts necessary to open yourself up to RECEIVE).

You've been seeing everyone else crushing their goals, skyrocketing their income, scaling their business,  living thier dreams, showing up as their fully expressed selves...

And now you're ready for more of THAT for yourself 

You know it's time... you've put in the work, are committed to your growth, you can literally feel that you're at the brink of a massive uplevel.

I've had those moments too... of feeling like something BIG was about to unfold.

I was tired of holding back, even in the slightest.

I was tired of not allowing myself to receive to the capacity that I damn well knew I was worthy and capable of.

I was tired of playing small, and giving a shit about what people think.

I was tired of settling for  anything less than I desire.

And I could literally FEEL myself and my reality about to shift in a powerful way....

Once I decided to lean fully into it and own it.

It's your time now babe.

Quantum Leap Masterclass will be LIVE on 10/21-23 & here's what you need to know...


All the details are here:

☑️ Who: Anyone ready to leap into their next level of abundance!

☑️ What: Free quantum transformation masterclass 

☑️ When: LIVE on 10/21, 10/22 and 10/23 at 12 pm CST

☑️ Where: Inside my Spiritual Boss Babes group on Facebook AND on Instagram 

☑️ Why: Umm... why not?  Show up and say "yes" to more abundance. (Remember, the Universe is listening.)

You will receive:

  • Daily lessons and action steps to open yourself up to massive abundance and quantum leap into your next level.
  • Quantum codes downloaded by me from the Universe to shift your paradigm.
  • Access to my Abundance Hypnosis! 
  • A chance to win the prize in my giveaway during the masterclass! (Winner will be announced on Sunday for the giveaway based on participation.)
  • Reminders + replay links each day so you don't miss anything. 

Replays will remain available for 3 days after this live training ends. 


Prize Giveaway:

I will be choosing ONE lucky winner, who will receive access to my Quantum Upgrades Training/Transmission + a custom Manifestation Power Pendant  (VALUE $750).

Here's how to enter...

  • Sign up below on this page so you can get the details + replays sent to you!
  • Share your takeaways, breakthroughs, and anything else you'd like, for each day of this training  inside of the Spiritual Boss Babes group with our daily hashtag (I'll share this at the end of each live).
  • Tag me when you share inside of our Facebook group!! (Bonus points if you also tag me in your instagram story) @TheSpiritualBossBabe
  • And last but not least--Have FUN & encourage others who are also participating and sharing!!


This is the pre-party for my signature 6 week program, Vortex of Abundance program (formerly Abundance Activation Academy), and I'll be sharing more about this (plus the special price) at the end of the trainings after we complete each session!


Sign up now & join me live on 10/21-23!