It's time to step fully into your next-level identity that easily magnetizes overflow, opportunity and income with your SOUL frequency.

You've felt it in your dreams and future visualizations...
Your next-level is f*cking fire - and just out of reach.

You're a coach, a visionary, a healer, a new Earth leader, a Starseed...

You know your gifts, show up in your business to serve, but you know there's something next waiting for you...

You're on the brink (or in the midst) of a MASSIVE expansion in your life, business, and spiritual evolution...

And you're looking for an immersive, activating, high-vibrational container to facilitate the transition to the next level of your evolution in your personal life, AND in the way you show up to serve with your gifts!

Now is the moment to embody your SOUL mission, maximize your impact, and unlock an overflow of wealth with the SoulFrequency Mastermind. 

(Applications closing soon...)

You've been going through a major shift in your life and business right now..

  • The way you used to do things just doesn't feel aligned anymore...
  • You love your work, but there's something calling to you...
  • You want to create or share something different...
  • You want to show up in a new, more bold way...

It's exciting. It's liberating.

And it scares the shit out of you.

You are stepping into a new identity, and beginning to let go of who you once thought you were..and how you used to think you needed to "do" things.

The old way isn't working anymore, because it's not meant to.

You're meant for something much BIGGER.

Your soul has been guiding you all this time, and you've reached a pivotal moment of unleashing the FREQ within you (aka your SOUL frequency)...

You were born with a unique Divine energetic blueprint - the frequency you emit by fully expressing ALL of you.

The one that when embodied, allows you to magnetize your next level of income and opportunities.

No trying, forcing, or asking "how?" anymore.

Your process is intuitive and your identity fully integrated.

It's time to let your SoulFrequency guide your life, your business, and your ascension. That's when the ease flows in... and stays for good.

Activate your Quantum Magic on a whole other level in this exclusive 8-week mastermind where you'll:

  • Get crystal clear on your next steps, and take inspired action with complete certainty.
  • Magnetize next level opportunities, clients, collaborations, and money flow.
  • Fully trust your intuition and inner guidance.

Walk away feeling more FREE, liberated, and fully expressed as the magical, badass, empowering woman that you are!

Live in a state of constant synchronicity, as you're led to exactly where you need to be.

Where your spiritual gifts, channeling, intuition, and INNER KNOWING are stronger than ever. 

You've acquired so much more wisdom and knowledge, and now it's time to own it and EMBODY it, fully.

Free yourself from scarcity, frustration and any of the old programs that are not supporting your expansion.

  • No more spiraling into self doubt every time you UPLEVEL, which keeps you stuck in the same old cycle.
  • No more hiding in the spiritual closet, not even a little bit.
  • Eliminate any feelings of fear or scarcity for good, so you can continue to see your income quantum leap, rather than have one great month, every once in a while.
  • Ditch the frustration you feel when you're trying to be someone you are not - especially when it comes to sharing your sacred work and creating/sharing what you ACTUALLY want to.

Completely re-write core distortions and unconscious programs that have been hindering your expansion and ability to Quantum Leap on repeat.

And BE the full EMBODIMENT of your highest self in this physical vessel, who's here to BE, DO, and HAVE it all, while sharing your magic and medicine with the world in a much bigger way!

I am holding space for YOU, and a few other amazing women, as you make this reality transformation.

Consider this your identity-embodiment mentorship.

Over the course of 8 weeks, you and I will be working closely to shift your cellular and behavioral make up to match the identity that's been calling to you.

Here's what next-level identity shifting looks like:

  • Shifting heavy or dense energy.
  • Aligning with your Divine blueprint (who you REALLY are), and embodying it through Energetic Alchemy
  • Activate and enhance your innate superpowers, spiritual gifts, channeling abilities, and higher calling.
  • Shift your vibrational frequency, tap into FLOW, and experience heightened creativity, renewed inspiration, and confidence.
  • Using proven tools, practices, and techniques that expand your consciousness, allow you to let go of old beliefs and patterns, and completely shift your paradigm.
  • Open your energetic field wider to receive the overflow of financial abundance, intuitive ideas, aligned opportunities, and experiences that support your expansion.
  • Playing in the Quantum realm so you can learn how to up-level your manifesting abilities by using parallel realities + collapsing timelines.
  • Applying all of this to your soul-centered business, so you can increase your impact, serve at a higher level, and quantum leap your income.


Create a major shift in your energy, mindset & life that will ultimately magnetize more financial abundance, business success, and confidence.

Plus, activate your next level of purpose in this immersive experience.

You'll be taken through a series of transformational processes, energy & spirit work, and aligned action steps to ground into your SOUL frequency and unlock parts of your gifts and magic that have been lying dormant... until now.

You're ready.

We will begin this journey end of February and I only have space for 7 women this time around.

Here's what to expect:

  • 90-120 minute weekly Zoom calls for the full 8 weeks.
  • Hot seat coaching and practical exercises to fully integrate.
  • Lifetime access to the recordings.
  • Private Facebook group where you can share your wins, questions and struggles.
  • Guided hypnosis, meditations and EFT practices to fully integrate what you learn into your DNA.
  • Channeled trainings, adaptable processes, and practical application

Energy Exchange: $2,222 in full (Payment Plans available)

(Next time we open applications, the price will be significantly higher, so if this feels right, now is the time.)

This is an inner alchemical experience that transfers to your outside world. The depth of this work is liberating and beautiful! 

It is my honor to support you in the fullest way, and it's important that this feels like a full body (and soul) "YES" for you.

A little part of you might be afraid and that's okay. Fear is a sign that something's important to you. 

Trust yourself.

And get ready for some serious magic to happen when you apply!

This is a fast tracking your expansion, healing, and the full manifestation of your desires.

How would it FEEL for you to show up in all areas of your life with full confidence and certainty in who YOU and what you have to offer?

How would it impact you to strengthen your connection to Spirit + your innate gifts and intuition -- to the DEEP KNOWING that you are, and will always be taken care of -- in all ways?

How would it transform your life and business to be in full alignment with your highest purpose, ONLY operating in your zone of genius (not doing shit you dislike), and magnetizing amazing opportunities, and soul aligned clients?

How freeing would it feel to do things the way YOU want, to fully express yourself, share what you want, create what you want, and really OWN your magic?

Tap into your SOURCE of creative energy and inspiration in an instant.

Feel lighter as you let go of old beliefs, stories, emotional pain, or other peoples energy.

Overflow. Abundance. Ease.

And true freedom as you fully integrate your Future Self into your present.

You in?


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