I’m gearing up to start a new, next level group coaching experience and am cultivating a powerful group of women...
Specifically women who want to explode their impact and income, and become their fully EMBODIED next level self (as in confident, clear, capable AF, and ready to claim your desires).
Over the last year, my absolute favorite (and impactful) way to serve people, has been through intentional, curated, intimate group coaching containers.
I like diving deep with the women I get to serve and support, and what I love even more, is witnessing the friendships and soul sister connections that are birthed from the women who take part in these journeys together!
It’s not just another coaching program that promises some mythical secret, or cookie cutter approach.

Far from that.

This is about YOU unlocking, and activating your own unique magic, spiritual gifts, and next level abundance, confidence, and impact.

Allow me to introduce POWERHOUSE— a 6 week group coaching intensive, to amplify your voice, explode your impact, and activate next level money flow!!

Past clients who have worked with me in containers like this have experienced everything from—


✔️ Doubling and tripling their monthly income & opening up to receive more financial flow.
✔️ Launching and filling their soul aligned programs in a way that feels aligned AF and amazing to THEM (vs some cookie cutter approach that feels totally bleh or forceful).
✔️ Shifting their business to align 1111x more with their unique gifts, passions & next level self (which obv leads to more abundance, impact, and fulfillment).
✔️ Completely shifting their beliefs and healing old stories that were holding them back (aka they remember who the f*ck they are more than ever, which equates to more confidence, certainty & clarity).
✔️ Attracting new soul aligned clients, more money, new opportunities, and so much more.
✔️ Feeling more connected than ever to self and Spirit (as in more clarity, strengthened intuition & gifts, and a deep knowing of next best steps).
All of that and so much more has transpired.
Not to mention the power of the life long new friendships and soul sister connections that are formed throughout the journey together.
It’s magic.
I would LOVE to have the opportunity to support YOU and help you make serious Quantum Leaps in your life, business, confidence, impact, and income if this all speaks to you!
I’m calling in women who are ready to RISE up in a bigger way with their message and gifts, serve more people, receive more money flow, and unleash their next level in life AND in business.









"From manifesting a free website for my business to $28,000 dollars!"

From the very moment I signed up I started feeling more in my power and having the biggest shifts of my life! From manifesting a free website for my business to 28,000 dollars!
But I think perhaps the best part was Stephanie’s energy! She fed the group and made everyone feel like a goddess!
She showed us how we were already shifting and didn’t even realize it!
If you are debating about jumping in on any of Stephanie’s programs, stop waiting and just do it! She will change your whole perspective of on manifestation, business, and yourself!
She helped awaken me to the true power I had within myself all along and I am forever grateful! Best decision of my life! And yes, I was scared to pull the trigger like that, because prior to this program I was not the type to invest on myself. So the fact that I did says a lot right there! 
- Lindsey Peroan

Here is just some of what we’re going through and working on:

✨ Release fear around SHOWING UP BIG + dismantle belief systems around self doubt, imposter syndrome, etc., so you can Amplify your impact as a leader in your industry..


✨Upgrade your own unique energetic frequency to take your impact, income, confidence, and gifts to a whole new level and beyond (as in make lasting paradigm and identity shifts).
✨ Re-Code your money story, and release resistance around RECEIVING (which is often tied into your self worth), so you can CONFIDENTLY charge (and RECEIVE) what you truly want for your services, and take your financial abundance to a whole new level.
✨ Explode your voice, message, and IMPACT learning how to tune into YOUR souls unique (and potent) message.  Channel MAGNETIC content from your SOUL + show up in full confidence and certainty on Live videos, podcasts, calls, etc.
✨ Create your NEW normal (your next level reality), and step into a totally new vibe of OWNING your magic and medicine you're meant to share with the world. Design your life and business to reflect how you truly want to live and BE. (You get to make a massive impact and income just by BEING YOU).
✨ Learn powerful tools & practices that will expand your consciousness and allow you to fully EMBODY your highest vision in the now & collapse timelines!
✨Develop concrete certainty around WHO you are, what you are, what you came here to do, create, share + how you can express and share your own unique magic and medicine through your ALIGNED offers and services (aka your art, your SOULs expression & mission).




ALL of this + the immersive support will create a major shift in your energy, mindset & life— and will ultimately magnetize more financial abundance, business success, and confidence + activate your next level of purpose & IMPACT.

I will be holding space for a curated, intentional group of women, and this will be high touch...
As in you have the opportunity to have personalized support + hot seat coaching on our group calls and will also have additional support and community in a private Facebook group.
You’ll also have access to all of the recordings and bonuses for life + all assignments and action items I go through.
I’m looking for women who want to go ALL the F in, who KNOW they’re meant for BIG things (as in let’s be real... you are a big fucking deal), and who are committed to IMPACT first, while knowing the INCOME will follow.
And while you are committed to those things, and know you’re meant to be speaking on stages, writing books, making a massive impact, traveling the world, and earning 6-7+ figures....
You also know that you need support to get there, and are tired of holding back, feeling like you don’t know “how”, or getting in your own way (due to outdated belief systems that you’re ready to crush & re-write).

I’m here to hold massive space for you to TAKE UP MASSIVE SPACE with your message, presence, energy, and voice!!

Here's how it will work:

Each week, we'll get together as a group to dive deep into the content + high level coaching as a group AND the opportunity to have personal coaching on the calls.

MAGIC happens in collective containers like this, and it takes on a life/energy of it's own.

It's NOT uncommon for people to experience major shifts, and manifestations (as in next level money flow) upon just making the decision to sign up!
We will dive into your specific intentions, and process throughout, and you will have action steps and tools to add to your practice throughout this journey.
I really want to create some new epic new SUCCESS stories & going all in to make sure we maximize your results.
We’re going to be doing a lot of deep (and FUN!) work in this group container, so I’d like you to be sure you have at least 2 hours a week to dedicate to this over the next 6 weeks.
This is basically a mini Mastermind. We are going IN, getting deep, fast results, and no playing small!

"I was able to hit my first 5 figure month - $13k in cash $49k in sales!"

It's because of  Stephanie's belief in me and taking multiple masterminds from her that I was able to hit my first 5 figure month - $13k in cash $49k in sales.
I made my current client $125k in 6 weeks, I also keep getting referrals from current clients and I'm already hiring a team to support me so that I can scale fast.
Stephanie has helped me bust through so many limiting beliefs and uses some seriously magical techniques that have altered my life completely.
I used to worry about money and all the financial obligations I have (aka credit card debt) that it would stop me in my tracks. By working with her in multiple ways - I attracted some incredible business relationships that gave me the experience to what I now offer.
If anyone is has been on the fence OR if you're looking for a coach and mentor who will help you upgrade your business - I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
- Trinidad De Luz

"It had me making instant quantum leaps.  I launched programs, events and became so clear on what it was that I want to be working on in this life."

I stumbled upon a Facebook video of Stephanie talking about Quantum Leaps at the beginning of this year and to be honest I haven't EVER looked back!
Stephanie has a way of truly capturing your vision and teaching in a way that is SO incredibly mind blowing yet easy to work with on any level.
I basically was commanded by my higher self to bite the bullet and join her program. I didn't have the money for it and I emailed her back and forth not knowing how I would pay and them boom, my mother helped me.
Stephanie's program was SO incredibly profound, it had me not only understanding but making instant quantum leaps.
I launched programs, events and became so clear on what it was that I want to be working on in this life.
If you ever have the honour of working with Stephanie, you will 1000% get what you pay for PLUS so much more!

I will be forever grateful for the tools that Stephanie gave me, to truly step into my power and to catch myself when I fall.

Thank you immensely, Stephanie.

Molly McKenna
The Birth Sister

It's time to make one of two choices.

Hopefully that choice will be made from the vantage point of your next level, abundant AF self...
The first choice is to choose to do nothing. And as you already know, action is what moves the needle forward and support is what helps create rapid Quantum Leaps.
If you already know that you want to BE making a MASSIVE impact, serving thousands of people from all over the world, earning 6-7 figures doing YOUR SOUL work...
And BECOMING that version of YOU right the F now...
Then the choice you make is obvious.  Join me in POWERHOUSE for 6 weeks of completely UPLEVELING your impact and income, and making this your most abundant and fulfilling year yet.
If you’re still on the fence, wondering whether to take the leap, I have just one more thing I want you to consider.
You might be thinking...
“It all sounds great, but I just don’t know if I can afford it right now, or I'm not sure if I  have the time right now”
Or maybe something like this comes up...
"When I sign on another client or two, THEN I'll join one of your programs Steph."
Look, I have heard this before, and have had the same people come back to me months, or even YEARS later still in the same damn spot.
The truth is, if you are on this page, and you have been vibing with what I share...
That means that your soul KNOWS that you need the support, the tools, the mindset shifts, the aligned strategies, and the SISTERHOOD to get your message our to the masses, and FINALLY create the financial abundance you know you're worthy of!!
I want to help you not only CONFIDENTLY show up BIGGER, but also RECEIVE bigger, and continue to see your income quantum leap going forward.
That is really going to be a reflection of how YOU BE, and FEEL on the INSIDE first.
The work we do in here will greatly impact ALL areas of your life-- not just your business.
And THAT is where the real magic truly is, because you CLAIM what you desire through your ENERGY, and no longer settle for anything less, in any area, in any way.
You no longer make excuses, or work from the backwards paradigm of "When I HAVE ____ then I can DO and BE".
In ALL of my programs, we operate from BEING first.  That is how you actualize everything you want, and take more ALIGNED actions that get better (more EPIC) results.
What got you to where you are now, is not what will get you to where you want to go.
Your future self is already cheering you on and thanking you.

All you have to do is DECIDE, and say YES to your SOUL.









"These shift sit so freaking deep, I can’t even put in words, but I feel like that is no more Limit to what I can and want achieve for healing this one particular thing"

I did not want to manifest Money. I manifested Mental freedom!!!

I am about to lay this one ya and I mean I say this from the heart.

I am a Psychic Energy Worker myself and I am very extra picky as to who I deliberately learn from and Stephanie Bellinger is one of those people.

Going in I wasn’t necessarily looking to manifest Money or an Object.
I wanted to heal and that’s exactly what happened.

I went in, no idea what the i was going to deal with and had no idea how deep this was going to go, but... I went came out, a different person.

These shift sit so freaking deep, I can’t even put in words, but I feel like that is no more Limit to what I can and want achieve for healing this one particular thing.

Her teachings are deep, direct, informational and kind of mind blowing.
I am grateful I been part of it. I am grateful for the support, the love and the growth!

Also the People in it. My life has been enriched in many more ways than i thought it would.

Thank you Stephanie, for being a true receiver of Guidance and acting in the best possible intentions.
-Anita Garza

"I have manifested my new family car, new home and stress-free mindset around bills- things that I could not imagine before"

"Before finding Stephanie's programI felt so lost, frustrated and out of control with my financial story. I felt like it was a never ending story of a constant battle of never having enough in my life.
Once I signed up, I began to notice an IMMEDIATE change in not only myself and the "control and lack money mindset" that I carried for decades.
I started seeing even the smallest random checks in the mail being sent my way that I had no idea about. After truly realizing HOW I was holding myself back and learning how to RADICALLY shift those beliefs and actually release them from my unconscious mind... that is where my transformation began!
Stephanie explains everything in such an easy and digestible way that makes complete sense and also gives your lifelong tools that I still use everyday!
I have manifested my new family car, new home and stress-free mindset around bills- things that I could not imagine before I took this course!
THANK YOU AGAIN Stephanie!! I feel like I no longer stress over my finances the way I used to and being a Mom of 3, that's saying a lot because financial freedom and stress free living is everything! I'm forever grateful for your course and the container you created for me to allow myself to heal and now being able to manifest anything I ever want! 🙂
- Carolyn Hickman

"Stephanie helped me define my Why to the next level, she opened my heart and soul to quantum levels"

When I signed on with Stephanie Bellinger, I knew this was my next step folding before me...I had some deep work to do in healing my heart, I was in a good place, I just wanted to be in a better place as I am always thinking greater than my GRIEF.
Stephanie changed my life. She helped me define my Why to the next level, she opened my heart and soul to quantum levels of shift consciousness. She showed up with love and interest in me, she made me feel important enough to show up for me, she made me aware of belief changes.
It’s not that I didn’t know these things, it’s that repetition is key. Honestly, She transformed me, of course I know it was me, through her knowledge and skill set in the quantum field.

Stephanie is phenomenal and I totally recommend her, she has many programs, so you can start small or big, it’s your choice...Life is calling you...Answer, invest in you, it’s time.
-- Sylvia Delossantos Huerta


Check back for the next open enrollment.

Frequently Asked Questions

We kick off on Monday, 8/3 (full moon), and we will be meeting LIVE on zoom at 2pm CST each week.

The calls will be 90 min to 2 hours and you will have access to all replays and any bonus content for life.

Most of my clients and students have already been growing their business, and putting themselves out there...

However, this can, and WILL support ANYONE who has a burning desire to serve and LEAD with their gifts & create a beautiful LIFE and business doing what they LOVE.

This is NOT solely a business program.  This is A TRANSFORMATION.

And transformation = manifestation (of anything you want in life).

You just have to be willing to GO ALL IN, show up for yourself, and commit to the results you want in all facets of life and biz.

I’ve had past students experience everything from next level confidence and certainty in themselves, to manifesting thousands of dollars, launching their SOUL aligned programs, having random (epic) opportunities and collaborations show up, random checks come in the mail.

And SO much more.

Once you tap into the flow, the Universe will use everyone and everything as a vehicle to gift you greater abundance.

There are really only (2) questions you need to answer to know whether or not this is the right program for you:

  • Are you ready to get your message out in a much bigger way and uplevel your IMPACT + earn and attract more money from your souls work?
  • Are you willing to show up fully and do the work?

If you answered ‘yes’ to the questions above, then this program is absolutely for you.

All that’s required is for you to have a real desire to go BIG with your mission and purpose, and RECEIVE big for sharing your gifts…

And for you to show up, commit, and do the work.

That’s it.

No. And here’s why:

In the past I’ve let people claim refunds even after the program ended.

(Hell, I’ve even let people join a program for “free” -- never again.)

And what I’ve found is that the more that you put in, the more you get out.


It’s an energy exchange.

When you sign up for POWERHOUSE, you make a commitment to show up fully and transform your mindset, business, income, and LIFE overall.

And when you do that, you will absolutely see results.

So, no. No refunds.

Because life’s too short to play with people who are non-committal and don’t play full out. ;-)

Great question!!

You’ll get lifetime access to all of the all replays AND any bonus content I. share + hypnosis audios, guided visualization audios, and more!

So you can go through the content as often and as much as you like!

Plus, theres an opportunity to continue working together in my 3 month Mastermind.

So you’ll get notified and a chance to join when the time comes.


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