• Stand out with your gifts.

  • Attract high paying soulmate clients.

  • Facilitate profound transformation.

  • Quantum Leap your income & sell with SOUL.

What if you never had to worry about HOW to get clients, or receive the income you desire...

But instead worked through the BS (belief systems) in the way from you ACTUALLY making the impact and income your SOUL has been craving?

What if you did that, AND grew your skills + took action that actually delivers results for both yourself, and the clients you are serving?...

Causing your IMPACT to explode, and your bank account to skyrocket!

How would that feel?

Your vision can come to life faster than you may think.

And you'll see clients, money, opportunities, ideas come out of the woodworks.

Your business is multidimensional-- just like you.

When your beliefs, energy, and actions are aligned with what you want to create and experience, that's when everything clicks into place.

You heard the calling from your soul, and you're here for a reason.

You feel it deep in the core of your being, that you're meant to do something BIG, and are meant to live out all of your wildest dreams.

If you're reading this page, it means that you're ready to go ALL IN, and have the support you need to Quantum f*cking Leap!

Now is the time to step it up BIG time, and be done with playing it small.

There are thousands, millions of people out there who need what you have to offer...

And no one can do what you do, in the way that only you can do it.


This 3 Day LIVE Virtual Training begins Jan 14-16, from 12pm-5pm CST.

  • Align with your sacred mission, enhance your spiritual gifts, and show up in a more powerful way.
  • Bust through limiting beliefs that are in your way from receiving more financial abundance, and making a massive impact.
  • Create and launch soul aligned, channeled offers that serve at the highest level.
  • Magnetize the people who are already excited and waiting to work with you.
  • Build instant trust and likability with your audience & have them raving over what you’re sharing and offering.
  • Experience secret ninja mindset & energy tools (like Quantum Timeline Journeying and Multidimensional Hypnosis) that will allow you to achieve any goal you set, and manifest a LOT more money-- quickly!
  • Master my Spiritual Sales Process and enroll with SOUL, so it becomes easy AF... and you can impact more lives, + quantum leap your monthly/yearly income.
  • Create magnetic, authentic content channeled from your soul, that calls your dream people in, and inspires them into action.
 And so much more!

"This year for me financially has been my biggest year in many.  I’m not only seeing the benefit from a financial stand point, but more important— I feel fulfilled, I feel lit up, I feel excited again!"

- Ali Sievwright









I hear so many amazing, talented, masterful coaches and healers saying things like...

“I don’t know how to attract the right clients (the ones I actually want to work with) who are ready to go ALL IN."
“Who am I to do this?  I feel like a fraud.  I should be so much further along.” 
"I feel like I have to DO so many things, to get the results I want in my biz, and it's overwhelming"
“I need to work on my skills as a coach (aka facilitator of transformation), so I can feel more confident in sharing my services and helping clients get amazing results.”
“I’m afraid people won’t be able to afford working with me if I charge what I really want.”
And because of thoughts like these...
Many of those people dim their light, don’t show up as boldly and powerfully as they can, and as a result— their confidence, impact, and money flow takes a massive hit (or worse... is non  existent).
I even know plenty of coaches who have invested tens of thousands of dollars already into their growth, and skills...
They've invested in the certifications, went to the events, took every course you can think of...
And they STILL feel like they're "not ready", or don't have enough experience.
Allow me to let you in on a little secret...
You were put on this planet at this time to share your gifts...
It’s not your job to question whether or not you’re good enough.
It’s also not your job to have everything perfect or figured out before you go BIG.
The ONLY thing in your way are the crappy beliefs that don't actually support your expansion...
And the only way to shift that quickly, is understanding how to unlock the power of your unconscious mind + upgrade the program.
THAT, backed with having the support, and learning the tools, practices and processes to help you master your MINDSET, MESSAGING & MONEY FLOW-- will make you un-f*cking-stoppable.

You're literally sitting on a gold mine, and doing others a huge disservice by not owning the sh*t out of your gifts & sharing magic, message, and medicine with the world in a powerful way.

You don't want to continue to sit on the sidelines waiting for everything to be perfect any longer, do you?

How much time, energy and money is it costing you to stay where you are, and take the long route?!

Your message and gifts are SO needed, now more than ever!

You have shit to do, lives to transform, money to make, and a POWERFUL message to share!!



  • LIVE virtual training with Stephanie, for 3 days from 12-5pm CST on Jan 14-16.-- transformation, mindSHIFTing, energetic alignment, and action steps to explode your impact and income.  ($2997 VALUE)
  • Transformative workbooks to dive into the content + action items and prompts to help you achieve rapid results in your life and biz. ($297 VALUE)
  • Opportunity for personalized support throughout the 3 days & lots of hands on, interactive exercises. (Priceless!)
  • Multidimensional Hypnosis + Quantum Timeline Journeying experience to breath life into your desires (this is MAGIC & will blow your mind!) ($297 VALUE)
  • BONUS:  Two bonus hypnosis and EFT tapping audios to bust through money fears. ($197 VALUE)
  • An amazing community of women to network, connect, and collab with going forward. (Priceless!)

NEW BONUS-- Get my Marketing Magic Bundle when you enroll by Monday 1/11 ($597 VALUE)

  • Included in this bundle is: 5K in 30 Days Masterclass
  • Build a brand that stands out
  • Start & Grow your badass podcast
  • Instagram Influence Masterclass
  • Tap Away Fear of Showing up EFT Tapping




Turn your mess into your message, and learn how to powerfully speak to the exact people you're meant to work with.  Learn the NLP communication Model and how to achieve ANYTHING you set your mind to + how to reach your goals-- the Quantum Way (plus a magic trick to INSTANTLY feel confident and empowered when showing up and sharing your message).  


Master my 3 pillar process to massively grow your audience and impact easily and organically.  I'll share the exact things that helped me grow a community of over 30K women in just over a year.  The 3 keys to success as a Spiritual Entrepreneur-ess, and how to create magnetic marketing that easily and effortlessly inspires people into action (aka attract high paying clients and students)


Learn my Spiritual Sales Process, so you can Enroll with SOUL.  Selling will never feel icky again, and will feel easy and natural AF.  Bust through limiting beliefs around money, sales, and receiving what you want for your services.  Learn powerful tools to facilitate transformation for clients, so you can help them get the best results possible + have them telling EVERYONE they know about you!


Spiritual Business Alchemy is a 3 Day LIVE Virtual Training that will completely transform your business, your mindset, and your money flow!  
Throughout these 3 full immersive days, you will learn the most powerful tools, practices, and techniques to blow up your online presence, master your mindset, attract high paying clients, and become the “go to” person in your realm of expertise.
As a Master Mindset & Success Coach, and Trainer of NLP and Hypnosis-- I have tons of magic in my tool belt to help you achieve ANYTHING you put your mind to, let go of whatever resistance is in the way, and hold space for you to experience exponential growth.
Spiritual Business Alchemy will elevate your business & mindset, and transform you as a person from the inside out.  This is for anyone who serves (or has a desire to serve) others, and desires to make a massive impact doing their souls work.
If you’re a coach, healer, network marketer, or any other type of facilitator for transformation— this is for you.










Trinidad De Luz

It's because of Stephanie's belief in me that I was able to hit my first 5 figure month - $13k in cash $49k in sales.

I made my current client $125k in 6 weeks, I also keep getting referrals from current clients and I'm already hiring a team to support me so that I can scale fast.

Stephanie has helped me bust through so many limiting beliefs and uses some seriously magical techniques that have altered my life completely.

If anyone is has been on the fence OR if you're looking for a coach and mentor who will help you upgrade your business - I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Jen Casey

Stephanie facilitates a powerful, safe space of deep healing.

Some of my most profound breakthroughs of this season of my life and business were born from a single weekend experience doing the deep work that she is now offering to the world.

If you see an opportunity to work with Stephanie, trust that your intuition guided you here.


Taylor Diana

Through awesome techniques that Stephanie taught, I was able to uncover a deeply-rooted belief around money that I did not even consider in the past.

And to top that off, within 3 weeks I experienced one of the most financial abundant months from my business than I had ever experienced this year!

If you are looking for a guide and mentor to take you to a whole new, spiritual level with yourself and your business, choose Stephanie.

Her programs are real, authentic, and help you to align with your soul's true calling.  100% recommend Stephanie and her programs!!


"Stephanie changed my life.  The level of care and commitment that Stephanie brings is something that I have never seen before.   I've been a seeker my whole life always investing in classes, courses, books, healers, etc, and Stephanie just takes it to a whole other level."

- Stephanie Danielle

I've been there...

I know what it’s like to have a massive  dream, and a burning desire to make a financially abundant living doing what you love, yet feel stuck and frustrated when it comes to actually making it happen (to the extent that you desire).

I struggled a lot with trying to make everything perfect, getting stuck on the “HOW” of it all, and second guessing my own unique magic. 

There were plenty of times I just wanted to throw in the towel and give up because I felt like it was just “too hard”, or "I wasn't good enough".

For a long time, I felt like I was just throwing things at the wall and seeing what stuck...

Until I got aligned on the INSIDE, coupled with outer aligned actions & a new and improved belief system to back it up.

My confidence grew, my spiritual gifts enhanced, and the people who were meant to work with me came flooding in.

I’ve gone on to build a community of tens of thousands of Spiritual Boss Babes around the world, and a thriving multiple six figure business that allows me the freedom, financial abundance, and fulfillment I’ve always wanted.

And I KNOW that this, and so much more is possible for you too!

My mission and purpose here is to help YOU turn your gifts into gold, and create a life and business that sets your SOUL on fire (and I am all about Quantum Leaps)!

This training is for you if:

✔️ You are a coach, healer, or any other facilitator of transformation, and you KNOW you've been holding back big time & not reaching the amount of people (or receiving the amount of income) you'd like.
✔️ You’re not showing up as BOLDLY and powerfully as you're capable of, and afraid to sell your offers loud and proud + show how valuable it is to work with you.
✔️ You've been wasting tons of time, energy, and money on "busy" work, or trying to make things perfect & second guessing yourself... which has been taking a hit on your confidence, and bank account.
✔️ You're ready to GO BIG in 2021 and beyond, and know you're meant to impact the masses & make a f*cking lot of money in the process from your sacred work.
✔️ You're tired of the money blocks, and limiting beliefs you've been carrying around, and are ready to shift that shit once and for all, so you can RECEIVE more & achieve ALL of your goals rapidly.
✔️ You are driven AF, and are taking full responsibility for the results you get in life + are ready to go ALL IN and value investing in yourself!

This training is NOT for you if:

❌ You just want a quick fix, or overnight success, and aren’t committed to your personal and business growth long term.
❌ You make excuses for why you “can’t” be and do the things you want  (“I don’t have the time, money, etc). If you’re someone who doesn’t take full responsibility for your results in life & complains about why you’re not where you want to be yet...this is not for you.
❌ You don’t value investing in yourself, and your personal, spiritual and business growth.  Not much can help ya if this is the case.
❌ You’re too busy doing things that don’t actually get you results, and aren’t willing to prioritize the things that DO (your mindset, energy, action + support).
❌ You want to keep trying to do it all on your own, and taking the long route.  Been there, done that, it gets old fast.

When you sign up for Spiritual Business Alchemy, you will have everything you need to set yourself up for next level success in 2021 and beyond.

Take the leap, GO ALL IN, and learn how to unlock the superpower of your unconscious mind to create unlimited success in your business, an instant increase in your income, unshakable confidence-- which all translates to massive success in your life AND your business.
This is a LIVE (virtual) immersive container with Stephanie.
Limited Spots Available.
TRAINING DATES + TIMES:  Jan 14-16 from 12-5pm CST.


NEW BONUS-- Get my Marketing Magic Bundle when you enroll by Monday 1/11 ($597 VALUE)

  • Included in this bundle is: 5K in 30 Days Masterclass
  • Build a brand that stands out
  • Start & Grow your badass podcast
  • Instagram Influence Masterclass
  • Tap Away Fear of Showing up EFT Tapping



Spiritual Business Alchemy is now full, hop on the waitlist below for the next event.

Get your booty on the waitlist, so you don't miss the next event!


"I had a lot of old money stories and worthiness issues that I didn’t even know I was carrying.  I don’t stress about money anymore I don’t stress getting new clients, creating content.  It’s just SO easy now."

- Jessica Winthrop-Oney

Angela Kender

My mindset has completely shifted as I was able to let go of my stronghold that I had of feeling unworthy.

I actually had one of my biggest months in business during the program and hit a monetary with my company that I have been working toward since Feb.

What's even cooler is I just had an even bigger month in July and am attracting my dream clients and tribe to me. 

People are messaging me instead of me "chasing" them for business. It's like it's just easy. New customers, money, my live videos going viral. So many blessings just keep walking right into my life! 

If you're thinking of joining-- DO IT! For yourself today and your future self! 

Crystal Jackson

I knew 100% Stephanie was the one who could help me bust through my mindset and self-limiting beliefs. I almost don’t even recognize the person I was before the program.

Stephanie's Mastermind has been a game changer not only in my business but also in my daily life. I show up with confidence, and have been able to experience more peace and abundance. 

This will be one of the best investments in yourself you ever make!
Transformation Style Coach

Leah George

Stephanie gave me every single tool I needed to take the leap of faith, be my authentic self, and have the confidence to press on in my business venture while evolving myself.

The classes completely exceeded my expectations and the assistance that was available was amazing.

My business, Ladies of Light, has grown phenomenally in just a few weeks. Most of all, I have now stepped into my power and I am fearless.

Thank you Stephanie. You are such a light in this world and you helped me achieve something I thought I never would.


Frequently Asked Questions

Once you sign up, you'll get a confirmation email to confirm your spot.

As we get closer to the event, you'll be emailed further details to prepare + a link to join virtually on zoom. :)

This is for anyone who has a heart centered, service based business, or who *desires* to.

You will learn the tools needed to launch and share your offers, sell with SOUL, reach the people you're meant to work with, build the confidence needed to succeed, and work through money blocks and limiting beliefs that are in the way currently.

Prepare for Quantum Leaps!

It is highly recommended that you are able to attend all 3 days and be present the full time.

There will however be a recording available for a limited time that will be sent after the event.

This will be on zoom, and you will be sent a link to attend virtually.  It's recommended that you join from your laptop or computer rather than your phone.

This event will be from Jan 14-16 from 12pm-5pm Central Time.  Please note any time difference based on your location.

No. And here’s why:

In the past I’ve let people claim refunds even after the program ended.

(Hell, I’ve even let people join a program for “free” -- never again.)

And what I’ve found is that the more that you put in, the more you get out.


It’s an energy exchange.

When you sign up for the 3 Day Spiritual Business Alchemy, you make a commitment to show up fully and transform your finances and your life.

And when you do that, you will absolutely see results.

Who is Stephanie Bellinger & how can she help me?

Hey sister,

I'm Stephanie aka The Spiritual Boss Babe. 

My Spiritual journey began over 15 years ago during one of the darkest times of my life.

After leaving an extremely abusive relationship-- I declared that "I am going to make the rest of my life the BEST of my life, and BE, DO, and have everything my heart desires".

I was committed to being the BOSS of my own life, and have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. 

I've been coaching others over the last decade--first with health, and fitness-- now with mindset, energetics, manifestation, and living your souls purpose (aka blowing up your heart centered biz).

I offer accountability, spiritual support, mentorship, and channeled guidance to Visionary, impact driven leaders-- and help you create next level success in all areas of your life & biz.

When I first began to pursue making my dream life my real life, I realized I had A LOT of "blocks" and resistance in the way.  I wasn't in my power, and was often plagued with self doubt.  I knew that if I wanted to achieve my big "crazy" dreams-- I had to work on clearing out anything and everything that was not supporting my expansion & adapt a completely new belief system that supports me.

I was led to seek healing transformation + expansion through things like hypnosis, EFT tapping, energy work, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), my own personal modalities, as well as working with sacred plant medicine. 

The more I began to remember who I AM, and step into my truth and power-- I have opened up my Spiritual gifts on a whole new level, and activated my ability to channel Divinely guided information & further assist those who I am meant to serve, in raising the frequencies on the planet (which all begins with YOU).

My inner world began to radically shift, and in turn, so did my outer reality.

The deep inner work not only led me to creating my (now) business & turning my life around-- but has also helped me impact tens of thousands of women around the world, and create a multiple six figure (soon to be 7) business!

Spiritual Boss Babe was Divine inspiration, and has turned into one of the biggest online communities for spiritual entrepreneurial women--and something larger than myself.  

I'm now a Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis, Quantum Timeline Journeying, and a Master Life & Success Coach.

My purpose and vision has become even larger than myself, and I am so grateful to be able to be fully, and abundantly supported -- mentally, spiritually, AND financially from my souls work, and I am here to help you do the same!

If you put trust in yourself, and in having me as a guide on your journey + do the inner & outer work and trust thee process-- your reality (including your business, impact and income) will transform beyond your wildest dreams!

It's time to RISE up in a MASSIVE way, and  transform your entire outlook and reality + unlock your magic, and create a life and business that lights you up your SOUL.


Get your booty on the waitlist, so you don't miss the next event!



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