You're ready to create the life and business of your dreams, and transform from the inside out.

It's your time to become a world class coach, healer, speaker, and facilitator of transformation...

While manifesting your wildest dreams, and Quantum Leaping your impact, income, spiritual gifts and confidence.


Scale your income.

Serve at a higher level.

Maximize your impact.

Facilitate massive transformation for yourself and your clients with your unique spiritual gifts.

The Quantum Transformation Certification is for the coaches and entrepreneurs who have been on a powerful spiritual journey - doing the inner work, taking action on their goals, and yet still not seeing the next level results in their reality - and are ready to turn their gifts into gold.


You’ve come so far already…

You've been taking the courses, working with coaches, putting yourself out there, going to the events...

And while those things certainly helped-- you still feel like there’s something you’re not doing right.

You are certain you have a big mission and purpose, but often get sidetracked, overwhelmed, or even confused when it comes to creating a SOUL aligned, abundant business that lights you up.

You know you came to this planet to live your absolute BEST life, and to BE, do, and have everything you desire…

But you feel like there are "blocks" you need to let go of to fully step into what you're creating in your reality.
You feel like you might be getting in your own way…

...And if only you knew the secret tool that flips a switch and allows all the good stuff to flood in that you’ve been trying to manifest.

That’s where the Quantum Transformation Certification comes in.

For 4 months, we’ll work together to help you master reprogramming tools for your subconscious mind, shift your vibrational frequency to match and manifest your dreams...

And discover how to use all of it in your practice with your clients, so you can up-level your life, business, impact, and bank account!

You’ll trade overwhelm and frustration for:

  • A sense of ease and flow in your life and business
  • An incredibly passion-filled life
  • Massive success and IMPACT
  • Fulfilling relationships
  • Soulmate clients who are ready and excited to work with you
  • A financially-abundant, SOUL aligned business

And finally feel FULLY able to:

  • Confidently share your message/gifts with the world
  • Serve/receive at a higher level
  • Transform more lives easier
  • Facilitate massive breakthroughs for your clients that leave them raving about and recommending you to everyone they know.
  • Unlock your superpower, and BE, do and have everything you’ve ever dreamed of!

The application period for new members begins in January 2021.

Get on the waitlist and claim your $500 off discount instantly!

This certification program is designed to show you how to make quantum leaps in business and in life!

Because success is an inside job.

The money you make, the level of fulfillment you experience, and the success of your business all come from you.

The Quantum Transformation Certification is not simply a mastermind program or course.

It shows you both scientific and spiritual reprogramming tools to create massive shifts that go deep.

In QTC, you’ll learn and master proven modalities like:

  • Quantum Timeline Journeying

  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

  • Multidimensional Hypnosis

  • EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique)

  • Spiritual Life and Success Coaching

  • Quantum Manifestation Method

You'll develop the all of skills (and confidence) needed, to master reality creation, enhance your spiritual gifts, and create the life (and business) you've always dreamed of.

Interested in learning more?

Get on the waitlist and claim your $500 off discount now.

The application period for new members opens in January 2021.

Meet Stephanie

Hey beautiful soul!  I am SO excited and honored to have the opportunity to support you on your journey!
As a Spiritual Life & Success coach, and Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), TIME techniques, Hypnosis, and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) - I have tons of magic in my tool belt to help you completely transform your life, let go of what no longer serves you & manifest your wildest dreams!

My spiritual journey began over 15 years ago during one of the darkest times of my life.

After leaving an abusive relationship I was in, I became obsessed, and relentlessly committed to making my dreams my reality, living my purpose, and living life on my own terms.

I first realized that we can be, do, and have ANYTHING during one of that time in my life..

For over 5 years of my life, from 14-20, I didn’t even know who I was, and had little hope for the future (or desire to even live)...

Until I began to hear the whisper of my soul getting louder and louder and louder.

Telling me there was so much more to live for, and I began to deeply connect to my dream vision of the “future”.

I thought...

“I want to be confident in my own skin and be comfortable just being ME!”

“I want to be free from the toxicity and love the shit out of myself.”

“I want to live my dream life, work for myself, live life on my own terms, travel more, help others, and make a lot of money along the way.”

“I want to be FREE!!!!”

I connected so deeply to that “future vision” in that time of my life...

Day in and day out...

That I actually began FEELING like her, even when I was still in that toxic relationship...

...and I started DOING things, taking action, and shifting habits that brought me closer to my goals, and helped me connect to who I am.

Self love was the greatest lesson from that time.

I ended up losing 60lbs, leaving that relationship, and venturing off to follow my dreams...

And I kept doing that...

Connecting to a future vision, and bringing that into the NOW present moment (that is the key), and watching my reality change.

The same thing happened when I went from couch surfing for 3 months with no place to call “home”, with a few hundred dollars in the bank...

To becoming self employed with my personal training biz back in the day, and suddenly bringing in 5 Figure months.

It pretty much happened overnight....literally.

On the flip side, I’ve also seen what happened when I gave my Power away to the fear, lack, doubt paradigm again....

All the old stories crept up.

And I was back at square one, struggling to pay rent, having to get a job again, and feeling like a failure, and believing I wasn’t “good enough”.

Through that, I went even deeper into my spiritual growth, healing, and MindSHIFT journey.

But, through it all, there were SO many lessons of gold.

My reality shifted MANY times REALLY fast! — and I learned more about how to intentionally shift into the reality that I DID want, much easier.

I’ve build a 6+ figure business from scratch TWICE in the last 5 years.

And it’s not bc I got lucky.

In fact, there were plenty of times when I felt unlucky AF, and thought I’d never be able to make the impact or income I desired.

But I preserved regardless.

Because I decided — I’m committed to doing the INNER work, and taking the outer aligned actions.

I was committed to removing any resistance that was in the way.

And I learned how to make reality work for me.

Which we all have the power to do..

After many ups and downs, successes and failures on my personal journey and spiritual entrepreneurial journey-- I realized that the power to create our own reality does not come from "hustling", or trying to force things or do more...

It comes from within and it's something that is in fact already available to us, NOW.

This work has helped me in more ways than imaginable...

From building more confidence and belief in myself than ever, to healing old trauma from my past, to building a multiple 6 figure biz in the last couple years, and creating a life of freedom, fulfillment, and flow.

Quantum Manifestation is a practice.  It's a way of BEING.

Over the years on my own personal healing + expansion journey, I've been able to connect so many dots that has led me to sharing and teaching more about multi-dimensional manifestation.

There truly is an easier way, and you can access it all right now, and I'm excited to show you how!



The Quantum Transformation Certification is a powerful, multidimensional healing program that will help you... 

  • Completely release limiting beliefs around money, success, and self-worth at the subconscious, energetic and cellular level that are not aligned with who you want to be or what you want to have.
  • Install a new program that will ultimately help you magnetize your desires on autopilot
  • Re-integrate your true SOUL frequency and attract new opportunities that align with it
  • Open up and  enhance your spiritual gifts and intuition
  • Activate alignment, flow, and magnetism in your everyday life thanks to a completely new perspective and a major paradigm shift
  • Learn and understand how to facilitate the same massive shifts and results for your clients, so you can impact more lives and attract more money.
  • Combine your OWN unique magic to the mix (because let's be real - you already have your own amazing gifts, and no one can do what YOU do, in the way YOU can do it)
  • Master your reality and create a life/business you’ve always dreamed of


So whether you want to get certified simply to improve your own life, and manifest like a boss…

...or add these modalities to your toolbox as a healer or coach...

The Quantum Transformation Certification will provide you with all of the skills, tools, methodologies, MAGIC, and support to up-level your business and your life.



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