Create the business of your dreams, up-level your reprogramming skills, and transform from your life the inside out.

It's your time to become a world class coach, healer, speaker, and facilitator of transformation...

While manifesting your wildest dreams, and Quantum Leaping your impact, income, spiritual gifts and confidence.










Scale your income.

Serve at a higher level.

Maximize your impact.

Facilitate massive transformation for yourself and your clients with your unique spiritual gifts.

The Quantum Transformation Certification is for you if you're a coach or entrepreneur who has been on a powerful spiritual journey - doing the inner work, taking action toward your goals - and you're ready to turn your gifts into GOLD with NLP, EFT, hypnosis training and much more.



You’ve come so far already…

You've been taking the courses, working with coaches, putting yourself out there, going to the events...

And while those things certainly helped-- you still feel like there’s something you’re not doing right.

You see all of these other women slaying their business, making a MASSIVE impact, and making 6-7 Figures a year, and you KNOW this can be you too...

But you feel the resistance holding you back & you need to let go to fully step into your abundant reality.

And you know there are skills you can have in your toolbox that would make this so much easier for you AND your clients.


You know you've been getting in your own way…

The disempowering thoughts pop in, leaving you questioning yourself...

"Do I really have what it takes to create the success and financial abundance I desire?"

"I don't feel like I know enough to be able to help people in the way I truly desire to."

"I need to shift my own mindset and "blocks" before I can see success"

"I don't feel super confident in my abilities & don't know where to begin."

"Will people actually get amazing results from working with me?!"

And if only you knew the secret tool that flips a switch and allows you to master your reality AND expertise as a coach + RECEIVE  all the good stuff that you’ve been trying to manifest.

That’s where the Quantum Transformation Certification comes in.

For 4 months, we’ll work together to help you master reprogramming tools for your subconscious mind, shift your vibrational frequency and manifest your dreams...

And discover how to use all of it in your practice with your clients, so you can up-level your life, business, impact, and bank account!

You’ll trade overwhelm and frustration for:

  • Confidence in your ability to guide clients through their journey using tools like hypnosis and EFT.
  • A sense of ease and flow in your life and business
  • An incredibly passion-filled life
  • Massive success and IMPACT
  • Fulfilling relationships
  • Soulmate clients who are ready and excited to work with you
  • A financially-abundant, SOUL aligned business

And finally feel FULLY able to:

  • Confidently share your message and gifts with the world
  • Serve and receive at a higher level
  • Transform more lives easier
  • Facilitate massive breakthroughs for your clients that leave them raving about and recommending you to everyone they know.
  • Unlock your superpower, and BE, do and have everything you’ve ever dreamed of!
  • Master your reality, so there's no more doubt or old programming slowing you down.

The  QUANTUM TRANSFORMATION CERTIFICATION Program consists of powerful manifestation practices & spiritual principles, along with potent transformational tools like Neuro Linguistic Programming & Hypnosis...

That will  provide LASTING transformation, epic manifestations, and will have a profound impact on all areas of your life & of the lives of those you serve.

This certification program is designed to show you how to make quantum leaps in business and in life!

Because success is an inside job.

The money you make, the level of fulfillment you experience, and the success of your business all come from you.

The Quantum Transformation Certification is not simply a mastermind program or course.

It shows you both scientific and spiritual reprogramming tools to create massive shifts that go deep.

In QTC, you'll and master proven modalities like:

  • Quantum Timeline Journeying

  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

  • Multidimensional Hypnosis

  • EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique)

  • Spiritual Life and Success Coaching

  • Quantum Manifestation Method

You'll develop the all of skills (and confidence) needed, to master reality creation, enhance your spiritual gifts, and create the life (and business) you've always dreamed of.

The Quantum Transformation Certification is a powerful, multidimensional healing program that will help you... 

  • Completely release limiting beliefs around money, success, and self-worth at the subconscious, energetic and cellular level that are not aligned with who you want to be or what you want to have.
  • Install a new program that will ultimately help you magnetize your desires on autopilot
  • Re-integrate your true SOUL frequency and attract new opportunities that align with it
  • Open up and  enhance your spiritual gifts and intuition
  • Activate alignment, flow, and magnetism in your everyday life thanks to a completely new perspective and a major paradigm shift
  • Learn and understand how to facilitate the same massive shifts and results for your clients, so you can impact more lives and attract more money.
  • Combine your OWN unique magic to the mix (because let's be real - you already have your own amazing gifts, and no one can do what YOU do, in the way YOU can do it)
  • Master your reality and create a life/business you’ve always dreamed of


So whether you want to get certified simply to improve your own life, and manifest like a boss…

...or add these modalities to your toolbox as a healer or coach...

The Quantum Transformation Certification will provide you with all of the skills, tools, methodologies, MAGIC, and support to up-level your business and your life.

QTC is a commitment to your own growth and transformation AND that of your skills as a coach.

You will be completely stepping into a new level in all the best ways!!

Here is some of what you'll receive.

Potent Weekly Trainings & Coaching

You’ll spend 3-5 hours a week in this program between our coaching calls, exercises, and assignments.


On our weekly calls, you will learn the different methodologies, techniques and practices of Quantum Transformation for your own personal expansion, and to massively up level your skills as a coach.


Our calls will be on Monday evenings at 5pm CST, and will be 2-3 hours.  Class begins 4/26!

Mastery Of Quantum Transformation

You will practice your new learnings, coaching skills, and tools with partners inside of QTC, so you can gain lots of real life practice, experience and proficiency as a powerful facilitator of transformation.


I want you to be set up for success from the get go, and this will greatly impact your confidence as a coach!




Get Certified & Transform More Lives

At the end of our time together, you will graduate & be certified as a Quantum Transformation Practitioner with proficiency in the following modalities- NLP Life & Success Coach, Hypnosis Practitioner, EFT Tapping, & Quantum Timeline Journeying.


These are the most powerful transformational, reality shifting tools out there, that create lasting results.



QTC Student Portal & Additional Trainings

You'll also stay connected with everyone throughout the journey inside of our private Facebook group to share your wins, shifts, manifestations, and questions.

QTC Student portal:  You will have access to our QTC student portal, where you will find additional trainings on growing your spiritual business, soul aligned marketing, further trainings pertaining to what we cover in QTC, bonus content & more.




You'll  receive An exclusive library of guided hypnosis recordings that powerfully shift your identity at the subconscious level...

So that you can raise your abundance vibes...

Clear away limiting money beliefs...

And manifest limitless wealth. 

At its core, hypnosis is simply a state of deep relaxation and imagination...

And it's an invaluable tool when it comes to:

  • Reprogramming the subconscious mind,
  • Shifting limiting beliefs or unhealthy patterns & habits, and
  • Processing & healing unresolved emotions.

You’ll get lifetime access to several deeply-transformative, guided hypnosis..

That will positively transform your identity at the core. 


A private collection of guided EFT trainings that will help you master the art of using EFT to shift out of low vibrations & bust through any resistance roadblocks.

Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT (often known as Tapping or EFT Tapping), is a universal healing tool...

That can radically shift physical, emotional, and psychological blocks lightening fast.

Your lifetime access includes a half a dozen guided EFT sessions created specifically for over coming self doubt, tapping into abundance, & taking your impact to the next level.

So if you ever fall out of alignment...

Or get caught in a negative spiral...

You’ll be able to shift into a higher, more aligned vibration instantly.


SBBA is a full 6 week program designed to help you  Amplify Your Impact & Grow Your 6 Figure+, SOUL Centered Business.

In SBBA, we focus on the *3 main areas that matter most* for you to attract your soul tribe, serve at a higher level, & take your business to 6 figures and beyond:

Mindset for Success, Sacred Selling & Amplifying Your Impact.

SBBA includes 6 power packed, self paced video modules, workbooks to go with each module to dive deeper into the content, bonus  meditations, sacred sales scripts, tech set up trainings, and so much more!



Modern Magic for Quantum Manifestation is a 5 Day Masterclass Series to help you Magnetize Abundance and Master Your Subconscious Superpowers.

This is a 5 part deep dive into the mindset & energy tools that will allow you to achieve any goal you set, and Quantum Leap your income, and massively uplevel your skills as a coach.

You'll will learn...

  • What to do, to transform your business (and any other area of your life) by transforming your mind, energy, and identity.
  • The quantum way to transcend old belief systems that have been keeping you from receiving at your next level, and living your most epic, fulfilling life.
  • How to turn your gifts into gold, master your craft, and let your SOUL run your business.
  • 5 Codes to success as a coach, healer, or facilitator of transformation, and SO much more!

That’s over $3,000 worth of additional value & bonuses available to you when you sign up today -- for FREE! 

PLUS, you’re getting all of that on TOP of everything that’s included in QTC.

You're getting more than $15,000 worth of value and support, for a fraction of that.

You’ll walk away feeling like a completely new person, transformed from the inside out...

And you will have everything you need, to facilitate profound transformation for yourself & clients, and create wild success, abundance and impact from being YOU and doing your souls work!

"I was able to hit my first 5 figure month - $13k in cash $49k in sales!"

It's because of  Stephanie's belief in me and taking multiple masterminds from her that I was able to hit my first 5 figure month - $13k in cash $49k in sales.
I made my current client $125k in 6 weeks, I also keep getting referrals from current clients and I'm already hiring a team to support me so that I can scale fast.
Stephanie has helped me bust through so many limiting beliefs and uses some seriously magical techniques that have altered my life completely.
I used to worry about money and all the financial obligations I have (aka credit card debt) that it would stop me in my tracks. By working with her in multiple ways - I attracted some incredible business relationships that gave me the experience to what I now offer.
If anyone is has been on the fence OR if you're looking for a coach and mentor who will help you upgrade your business - I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
- Trinidad De Luz

"I actually had one of my biggest months in business!  New customers, money, my live videos going viral. So many blessings"

My mindset has completely shifted as I was able to let go of my stronghold that I had of feeling unworthy. Unworthy to lead, unworthy to have massive amounts of money, etc!

I actually had one of my biggest months in business during the program and hit a monetary with my company that I have been working toward since Feb.

What's even cooler is I just had an even bigger month in July and am attracting my dream clients and tribe to me. People are messaging me instead of me "chasing" them for business. It's like it's just easy. New customers, money, my live videos going viral. So many blessings just keep walking right into my life! 

If you're thinking of joining-- DO IT! For yourself today and your future self! It pushed me to get uncomfortable and in turn experience massive growth.

-Angela Kender

She gained the confidence to speak in front of an audience after a major quantum leap!

Now is YOUR time to go from novice ---> to EXPERT in the field of Transformation & Manifestation.

When you take the journey in QTC, you can finally confidently show up with your gifts as a powerful facilitator of transformation, KNOWING that you have the tools, knowledge, next level skillset & upgraded mindset for success.

I've developed this program because it's everything I WISH I had when I was just starting out.

I'd often get plagued with self doubt, fear, money blocks, you name it...

And for a long time, it held me back from fully living my purpose, and experiencing the freedom, fulfillment, and financial abundance I craved for so long.

It wasn't that long ago, that I was  sleeping on an air mattress, driving a shitty broken down car, had a while lot of debt & little to no money in the bank, wondering what in the actual f*ck it was going to take to make my dreams my reality.

I knew that it was an inside job.  It wasn't just about what I was was about who I needed to BE.

I finally learned what it takes to make LASTING shifts in my reality, relationships, business, and bank account...

And my Quantum Manifestation Method came to be.

The tools, practices, concepts, and modalities that I teach in QTC have helped countless women I have supported experience exponential growth in their lives and businesses.

Everything from calling in next level, SOUL aligned clients, to manifesting 5 figure + months, filling their programs, healing their relationships, getting over stage fright, losing weight, and the list goes on!

These are the same exact practices & processes that have helped me completely transform my mindset, grow a multiple six figure business, heal from the past, open my spiritual gifts more, and create a life of freedom, FUN, and flow-- that is in full alignment with my SOUL.

It is now my mission to serve and support as many women as possible to do the same-- fully step into your power, and create a life and business you're absolutely obsessed with,  while creating  a MASSIVE ripple effect in the world!

Now is your time sister.  The world is waiting for you!


Xo Stephanie 

"Within the first 4 weeks I received over $40,000  and started working out again after a year & lost 10 lbs!!!"

Not only did I benefit GREATLY from the EFT & daily meditation (my mind is truly clear and open to hearing my intuition)…within the first 4 weeks I received over $40,000 of expected and unexpected income and started working out at the gym again after a year & lost 10 lbs!!!

I am STILL using the EFT daily, I am STILL referencing the workbook I created answering the questions for each modules, and I am STILL feeling the effects of the abundance mindset that Stephanie helped create with her AWE INSPIRING program.

Through all this, Stephanie has fostered a personal relationship with me and has been genuinely interested in my journey.

- Marissa Celese

"These shifts sit so freaking deep, I can’t even put in words, but I feel like that is no more Limit to what I can and want achieve for healing this one particular thing"

I did not want to manifest Money. I manifested Mental freedom!!!

I am a Psychic Energy Worker myself and I am very extra picky as to who I deliberately learn from and Stephanie Bellinger is one of those people.

Going in I wasn’t necessarily looking to manifest Money or an Object.
I wanted to heal and that’s exactly what happened. I went in, no idea what the i was going to deal with and had no idea how deep this was going to go, but...
I went came out, a different person.

These shifts sit so freaking deep, I can’t even put in words, but I feel like that is no more Limit to what I can and want achieve for healing this one particular thing.

Her teachings are deep, direct, informational and kind of mind blowing.
I am grateful I been part of it. I am grateful for the support, the love and the growth!

Also the People in it. My life has been enriched in many more ways than i thought it would.

Thank you Stephanie, for being a true receiver of Guidance and acting in the best possible intentions.
-Anita Garza

"From manifesting a free website for my business to $28,000 dollars!"

From the very moment I signed up I started feeling more in my power and having the biggest shifts of my life! From manifesting a free website for my business to 28,000 dollars!
But I think perhaps the best part was Stephanie’s energy! She fed the group and made everyone feel like a goddess!
She showed us how we were already shifting and didn’t even realize it!
If you are debating about jumping in on any of Stephanie’s programs, stop waiting and just do it! She will change your whole perspective of on manifestation, business, and yourself!
She helped awaken me to the true power I had within myself all along and I am forever grateful! Best decision of my life! And yes, I was scared to pull the trigger like that, because prior to this program I was not the type to invest on myself. So the fact that I did says a lot right there! 
- Lindsey Peroan



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