3 Codes to Align Your Frequency to the Millionaire You

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Here is some of what we will be covering throughout these 3 Days:

  • How to actively and consistently HOLD the vibration of your desires *BEFORE* it shows up on your reality.
  • Identity shifting practices to embody that version of you in the now + actions to take immediately.
  • Receiving in moderation, vs receiving in OVERFLOW -- what the difference is energetically & belief wise.
  • Following your personal energy and alignment + bending reality as you do so.
  • The 3 common resistance roadblocks that keep people stuck from receiving at their NEXT LEVEL + how to shift shit fast.
  • Energy clearing and upgrading to align with your + desired timeline.
  • Re-code your reality by understanding what old programs may still be running + how to shift.



I’m doing a giveaway for a chance to win a Private Activation session with me ($888 value) at the end of this!!  I'll be choosing a winner at random from those who are ON the LIVE with me during the transmission.


To the woman who knows she was born to have it all...

This is for YOU to fully embody the frequency and identity of the YOU who is already "there", in the NOW...

And hold that vibration, BEFORE it has shown up in your reality...

So you can witness reality reflect accordingly. 

There are two kinds of people...

Those who WATCH other people turn their dreams to reality, make loads of money, impact the masses, create the life of freedom....


Those who DECIDE they're f*cking worthy of it all & take full responsibility for their results by taking bold actions & making shit happen.

You're not like average people, and you know that.

For as long as you can remember, you've KNOWN that you were MADE to live a life you're absolutely obsessed with.

For as long as you can remember, you've felt an inner calling that you were meant to do something MASSIVE, and receive BIG for your "work".

You've known for a long ass time that this is your destiny...

To BE your fully expressed self & share your magic, message, and gifts with the world....

To CREATE abundance beyond your wildest dreams so you can give more, live more, and do all of the things you've always wanted...

To DESIGN your ultimate dream life & actually make it your reality.

You were made for this.

 You were made for millions.

 You were made to be, do, and have it all.

Join me for this POTENT, activating conversation & transmission, and be ready for MASSIVE momentum in 2022 and beyond!

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